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When it comes to physiotherapy, there are many treatment techniques that our physiotherapist may use. Massage physiotherapy is one that has stood the test of time, and to this day is still commonly used to reduce pain and improve freedom of movement. As well as manual therapy, our physiotherapists give advice and education on how to manage their injury successfully and how to prevent similar pain in the future. They also prescribe exercises and movements that our patients can do to strengthen the area in combination with self-massage techniques to effectively manage their pain.

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy most of our clinicians have completed post-graduate qualifications in Physiotherapy or completed previous studies in human movement and science. Our patients should be confident that our practitioners have the knowledge and experience to give a clear diagnosis, treatment plan, accurate time frame and realistic expectations surrounding their injury. We know everyone is different, therefore treatment plans are individualised for each patient and will include what is right for them. This holistic approach to health care means our patients will be highly satisfied when using our services and have a low recurrence rate when it comes to reinjury.

How Does Physio Massage Help?

There are many benefits when it comes to using massage in physiotherapy treatments. It can help with relieving pain, stiffness and can promote blood flow and circulation encouraging faster healing. It can also help to improve mobility.

Massage is a versatile treatment technique that can be utilised for a number of injuries and problems, including both acute and long-term conditions. When our patients consult with one of our highly skilled physiotherapists, they will be able to tell you if physio massage will benefit your injury and recovery.

Who Is Physiotherapy Massage For?

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we look after people of all ages in the city of Melbourne, not just those from an elite sporting background. Our experienced practitioners can help with assessment, diagnosis, treatment, injury management, rehabilitation, or even just some simple advice. Whatever it is, we are here to help our patients get the best treatment and advice that they need to get back to their optimal level of health. 

As a Sports Physiotherapy clinic, we are proud to set the standard for private physiotherapy clinics in the Melbourne area. We are also one of the only physiotherapy clinics in Melbourne to offer our patients access to a range of specialised rehabilitation equipment from around the world that they will not find in other clinics around Melbourne. We never just measure our patients progress in regard to pain. Instead, we measure things in regard to their treatment progress and how close they get to achieving your goals.

Choose Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy Massage

To experience a quality physio massage in Melbourne from our highly skilled practitioners, look no further than Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy. All of our practitioners have completed qualifications in Physiotherapy, so they have both the knowledge and the experience to give our patients expert advice and treatment. 

With a holistic approach to health care, our professional and friendly team go above and beyond to ensure that our patients always leave completely satisfied with the advice and treatment they’ve received.

To find out more about physio massage and how Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy can help you, don’t hesitate to call or book an appointment online.

Massage Physio Melbourne
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