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Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy is one of the longest standing sport physiotherapy clinics in Melbourne.

Finding and attaining the correct balance of work activities and leisure sports is the aim of the fitness programs on offer from Chris Hibbert and his team of expert Physio practitioners at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy. We help our clients to build stamina and strong core body fitness to avoid sports injury and breakdown. Two of our main methods to achieve correct balance is through core physio training and physiotherapy treatment.

Tune your body and mind with sport physio sessions for the season of marathons and sports activity with Chris Hibbert and the team at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy.

Chris Hibbert treats patients not only for sporting injuries, but practices physiotherapy for the whole family. Children are often susceptible to the common stresses and pain entering the central nervous system due to the push and pull of an active life. From his Physiotherapy clinic conveniently located at Level 3 / 155 Queen St, Melbourne, Chris believes a balanced mind and body is best achieved through physical activities in conjunction with life enjoyment.

Breakdown and injury are common with every active lifestyle. A physiotherapist can play a consistent role in keeping active people on track with regard to injury sustained in both sports and life in general. Please contact Chris at the new Melbourne CBD Physio clinic, centrally located in Queen St, Melbourne.

Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy delivers extended opening hours for our city-based clients, many being young professionals with active work and sport lifestyles.

Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy understands the need to offer services outside of the general 9-to-5 when operating from the Melbourne city centre. Our opening hours are from 7:30am until after 6.00pm to ensure city professionals can schedule a physio session, sports training session or physiotherapy treatment around their busy day.

Many younger professionals run a frantic work and sport schedule and this group are often the young accountants and lawyers. They are typically working at their office for extensive hours so the early and late opening times of Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy suit them very well.

The lunchtime hours are also especially popular with Melbourne professionals. Our aim is to provide a physiotherapy environment where the active people who work in the Melbourne CBD can come and receive treatment relatively quickly.

Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy has treated the working people of Melbourne since 1947. Our care extends from Physiotherapy through to expert sports physio and core strength training.

Many of our valued clients are based in the Melbourne CBD for work, though live in the suburbs. Rather than travelling back to their suburb for physio treatment after a day of work in the Melbourne CBD, we find our clients prefer to receive physiotherapy either before or after the working day and in close proximity to their office.

Chris Hibbert and the team at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy are very happy to extend trading hours to suit the busy lifestyles of our clients.

Sports Physiotherapy plays a big role in the Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy ethos through balancing a workout regime to ensure core body strength is improved.

Physiotherapist Chris Hibbert will assess the source of an injury as a part of the treatment. In many cases, the injury is sustained through weekend sporting activities and will re-occur if not addressed. Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy believes core strength in problematic areas of the body is the key to ensuring injuries and ongoing physiotherapy be kept at a minimum.

Beyond assessment and initial physio treatment, clients with sporting injuries are recommended to work on their core areas with specific physiotherapy exercises. The exercises can be incorporated into a standard workout regime, bringing the problematic areas into balance and negating breakdowns and extended sports physiotherapy treatment.

Corporate and community sporting events are a part of the corporate culture in Melbourne. Sports injuries related to this intense workout environment often require physiotherapy treatment.

Corporate Melbourne has a strong sporting and community ethic where many professionals compete in all types of marathon sports to help support the needs of others. Melbourne CBD Physiotherapist Chris Hibbert has a close relationship with many active corporate people in Melbourne and sees a direct relationship between community sporting activities and injury.

Pre-emptive physiotherapy care has shown to benefit the body`s ability to sustain stress and not break down during sports activities.

Chris Hibbert and the team at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy offer services for the whole family.

Young people are very active and sport plays a large role in every Victorian`s education. Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy has a rich history in improving the health and well being of our clients. This extends to the whole family where the physio treatment and core strength training of our long standing client`s children is becoming a large part of our practice.

Many of the younger people make regular physiotherapy appointments at the start of each sporting season to ensure their systems are in good order for the sporting activity ahead. The physiotherapy sessions are generally repeated in the middle sector of a season when the body has sustained some stress from the ongoing activities.

An ongoing physiotherapy regime will identify high stress areas of the body and exercises can be utilized to negate injury.

Sports Physio - Sports physiotherapy at Melbourne CBD Physio is centered on a twenty year wealth of experience in the active field.

Chris Hibbert and his team collectively have many decades of experience in the area of sports physiotherapy. Chris was the head physio at the Collingwood Football Club for an extended period where his sports physiotherapy experience was utilized day to day. The experience and techniques garnered is used today to treat active physiotherapy needs.

Chris relies on the physiotherapy methods developed through his role within elite sports. His approach is as follows: "With many sports physiotherapy cases you go back to basics, and the big question asked is why are you getting injured? Are there other problems in play, look above and below the joint that they are injured or above and below the muscle and then you can implement what you want to do."

Technology now plays a huge role in sports physiotherapy. Diagnosis can be swift using the new technologies with the aim of developing physiotherapy exercises in conjunction with treatment. This active approach to sports physio reduces the frequency of sports related breakdowns. Contact Melbourne CBD Physio for further information.

Golfers Under Repair - Golf Physiotherapy is a field of treatment available from Melbourne CBD Physio

Chris Hibbert and Dean Little are certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) practitioners. Both men share a keen interest in the rehabilitation of golfers suffering injury. Chris is an active golfer and understands that a golfer needs to be very flexible in the thoracic spine. Without this flexibility, other areas of the body are used to balance the shot which can lead to injury and the need for physiotherapy.

Golfers Under Repair sessions are available from the Melbourne Clinic or through Royal Melbourne Golf Club.