At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy our physios understand our client’s needs and offer a variety of services to suit everyone. Located in the heart of the CBD, we’re also considerate of our client’s time and therefore we are happy to offer brief, standard and long physiotherapy consultations for your convenience.

In your physiotherapy consultation, we’ll deliver premium service and ensure you walk away from Melbourne CBD Physio with an accurate diagnosis, appropriate education guidelines around your injury complaint, and a short & long-term exercise plan if required. Our overall aim is to educate you on the most effective way to manage your injury, so you have the drive to get better faster.

What we offer:

Specialised exercise rehabilitation, sports injury diagnosis and management, pre & post-operative rehabilitation and reconditioning, individualised programs for return to work and sport, Spinal assessment and Soft tissue therapy.

Our Physio’s at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy are also trained to undertake specialised hamstring injury assessments using our Nordbord, running assessments on our Anti-Gravity Treadmill and golf assessments by our qualified TPI certified practitioners.

Worksafe & TAC registered: 

We also understand at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy that injuries occur at work, as well as on the sporting field. We have an excellent relationship with Worksafe and the TAC and will liaise closely with them to meet your needs and optimise your recovery. Our goal is to help you get back to work quickly and safely.

JobFit Assessments:

JobFit assessments usually require a 1-hour appointment so our physios can take a detailed history, run through the JobFit guidelines and perform the appropriate testing. All testing results will be completed and sent to the employer with our recommendations, all of which are confidential.