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Dr. Tim Sayer


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Physiotherapy)
Doctor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Physiotherapy Positions

Clinical Director Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy
Research and Lecturer University of Melbourne
Titleist Performance Institute Physiotherapist
Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports Committee Member (Victoria)

Dr. Tim Sayer is an experienced physiotherapist at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, having worked at European and Australian universities educating future physiotherapists. Tim holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) and Bachelor of Science (Hons) degrees from The University of Melbourne. He divides his time as a Director at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and a Lecturer in Physiotherapy at The University of Melbourne.

Tim is trained to consult on all musculoskeletal injuries and is the clinic’s expert on hip, knee and golf-related injuries due to his involvement with research and teaching at the University of Melbourne. He frequently consults patients following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture, osteoarthritis, joint replacements, patellofemoral (knee cap) pain, elbow pain and low back pain. He cares greatly about ensuring outcomes for all patients are diagnosed and treated efficiently to ensure an early return to their normal activities as quickly as possible.

Tim is also passionate about sports medicine research, which is why he maintains an active research role at The University of Melbourne and volunteers as a committee member for the ‘Sports and Exercise’ group at the Australian Physiotherapy Association, promoting professional development and education pathways for registered and student physiotherapists.

For the avid golfer, Tim is also a certified Titleist Professional Institute (TPI) member, which in combination with his in-depth human movement understanding gives him the ability to physically screen golfers to address injury and/ improve performance goals. Having played competitively for years as a junior himself and coming from a golfing family with strong links to Kingston Heath Golf Club, he is fully aware of the length avid golfers will go to improve their game!

When Tim is away from the clinic and university, you’ll likely find him somewhere across Melbourne on his bike with ‘The King’s Men’ (TKM) cycling group or with his wife and young son enjoying the Melbourne lifestyle.

Team Tim Sayer
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