Xavier Evans

Xavier Evans

Senior Physiotherapist

Knee Rehabilitation

Xavier Evans is a physiotherapist with expertise in data analytics, who focuses on integrating sports medicine with technology. Xavier has extensive experience in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and enhancing athletic performance through objective data use in a musculoskeletal private practice setting. Xavier is passionate about high-performance sports and improving patients quality of life in the clinical environment. Prior to physiotherapy, Xavier was on a basketball and education scholarship in North Carolina where he successfully completed sports science studies, that kickstarted a lifelong commitment to sports and wellness.

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​Xavier Evans

  • OrthoSport Victoria Institute
  • Research Assistant Australian Ballet and La Trobe University
  • Private Practice: Limbr Health
  • Athletics Victoria: Tour Physiotherapist
  • Masters in Business Analytics (2023 – Current)
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy (Melb)
  • Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science
  • Hip and Groin related pain
  • Knee Injuries and Exercise Rehabilitation (Post surgery)
  • Return to Sport Testing and Performance
Knee Rehabilitation

ABOUT Xavier Evans

Xavier Evans is a Senior Physiotherapist whose education and experience span from an Exercise and Sports Science scholarship in North Carolina to comprehensive physiotherapy studies at the University of Melbourne. Utilizing data analytics, he enhances the rehabilitation process, making precise adjustments based on functional measurements. Xavier practices at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, attracted by its high patient care standards, and consults with top orthopaedic surgeons through OrthoSport and Victoria Bone and Joint Specialists, focusing on knee pathology.

In addition to his clinical duties, Xavier is a private consultant for both Big-V and NBL1 basketball players, with special interests in sports injury management and performance enhancement. He also holds a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coaching certification from ASCA. His role extends to serving as a research assistant at La Trobe University, specifically collaborating with the Australian Ballet. Xavier has also provided his expertise as a lead team physiotherapist for Athletics Victoria at national championships, integrating cutting-edge scientific research into his clinical practice to continuously refine treatment methodologies and outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

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