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David McNeill, physiotherapist and elite long-distance runner, has a keen interest in working with running athletes. His dual expertise uniquely positions him to offer unparalleled insights into managing sports injuries and optimizing athletic performance. Having represented Australia at three Olympic Games, David McNeill, physiotherapist, brings his personal experience of overcoming multiple injuries to his clinical practice. His approach to patient care is multidimensional and collaborative, always centered around each client’s individual goals. David has a strong clinical interest in assisting and managing bone-stress injuries, lower limb overuse injuries, training load management, and strength and conditioning for runners.

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​David McNeill

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
  • Master of Science by Research (Investigated metabolic cost and running economy on body-weight support treadmills)
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy (University of Melbourne)
  • Lower limb overuse injuries – including bone stress injuries, anterior and lateral knee pain, shin splints, and various tendinopathies
  • Training load management in endurance populations
  • Strength and Conditioning in runners

ABOUT David McNeill

David McNeil is an experienced physiotherapist who holds a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science Research and Doctorate of Physiotherapy.  His research has been published in multiple well established journals, such as the European Journal of Applied Physiology and the Journal of Sports Science Medicine.  His academic work generally focuses on the factors influencing long distance runners’ oxygen consumption in different running environments.

His passion for running related injuries, particularly bone stress injuries, shin splints and anterior and lateral knee pain, stems from his career as a professional athlete.  A three time Olympian, David’s events at Rio, London and Tokyo were the 5000 and 10,000 metres.  He is also a four time World Cross Country Championships representative.  His background as an athlete has influenced his physiotherapy practice, particularly around load management and gait analysis.  On top of his tertiary education, David’s physiotherapy practice has been enriched by the world-class athletes and coaches he has trained with, such as his long time training partner Bernard Lagat.  The ethos driving his practice is that the overall formula is the same whether you are an Olympic athlete or office worker with back pain: to see results you must set meaningful and enjoyable goals.  In each session, David likes to enquire about his clients’ goals, find out what they enjoy, and see if they can combine the two in addressing the injury that prompted the session.

Outside of work, you will find David on the running track, or spending time with his family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

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