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Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy is the leading provider of hand physio in Melbourne. Our team is committed to working with you to deliver high-quality services and ensure your complete satisfaction throughout your entire treatment. 

By combining incredibly effective physiotherapy techniques with the latest advancements in technology and expert support from your physiotherapist, our sports injury clinic is the best choice for treatment and rehabilitation. We are ready and waiting to help you with everything from injury management to treatment and rehabilitation or simply providing you with expert advice.

Hand Physiotherapy

What is Hand Physiotherapy?

Our passion is listening to our patients, serving them in the best way possible and ultimately assisting them in making a complete recovery from their injuries. We’re your first choice for physiotherapy in Melbourne.

Hand physiotherapy is a non-surgical way of managing and treating hand-related injuries. This specialized branch of physical therapy is used to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate the hand following injury or illness.

The goal of physiotherapy on the hand is to restore the complete and normal function of the hand as well as reduce the likelihood of an injury occurring again. Your hand plays a vital role in your everyday activities so any hand or wrist injury can be incredibly debilitating and affect your quality of life. This makes proper hand physiotherapy extremely important.

Will You Benefit From Hand Physio?

The Hand Physiotherapy Experts in Melbourne

People who would benefit from seeing a hand physio in Melbourne include those who suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist fractures or break, animal bites and many more injuries and illnesses which affect the hands and wrists.

When you undergo hand physio, you can expect to experience an improvement in pain symptoms, reduced swelling, improved mobility and the restoration of hand function. 

Using exercise, sprinting and sometimes even wound care, a hand physio will be able to treat injuries to the hand or upper limb that is affecting the correct function of the hand. Physiotherapy for hands plays a vital role in the recovery of hand or wrist injuries and even full recovery post-surgery. 

As well as hand exercises, you can expect compression therapy and remodeling techniques to be used in the process of treating your hand injuries. By combining our physiotherapy techniques with the most current technology and personalised support, you can anticipate a speedy rehabilitation process when you seek physiotherapy services from Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy.

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Is This Hand Physiotherapy Near Me?

Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy is dedicated to treating patients in the Melbourne CBD area. No one else offers completely comprehensive and professional physiotherapy for hand injuries and illnesses. From the very first consultation to your final treatment, we guarantee that our highly skilled practitioners will cater to your individual needs in the comfort of our world class facility.

The professional and friendly physiotherapists on our team go above and beyond to create a holistic approach to your health care. If you’d like to see how hand therapy could help you lead a more fulfilled life, call us, drop into our clinic or book your appointment with us online!

Hand Physio Melbourne
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