Telehealth Services

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If you are experiencing pain from a musculoskeletal injury but are limited in terms of your movements, or availability to drop into a physiotherapist to have a consultation completed, then telehealth services can make a world of difference to you. You can access the very best of health care and speak with clinicians that have extensive experience and the educational qualifications to afford you a diagnosis and a treatment plan that will quickly put you on the road to recovery.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services At Our Clinic

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we are a team of professional, friendly clinicians that work at the forefront of current sports physiotherapy. Our state of the art, world-class facility affords you access to a holistic approach to health care that achieves the exceptional results. Having worked in the USA and Europe, we have combined our extensive knowledge and training with the very best of resources, which ensures that our patients have incredibly low recurrence rates of injury.

We measure everything in regards to your treatment progress. With us, you gain insights into your recovery. We do not simply use “pain as a guide” to determine whether our treatment is working, we track all pertinent information and data to afford you a complete recovery that meets your expectations.

What to Know

What You Should Know About Telehealth Services

If you have never used telehealth services in Melbourne before, you may be wondering what to expect as you approach your first consultation. At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we invite those who wish to book a consultation to do so online, or by calling our friendly, helpful support staff who will provide you with a slot that suits your schedule.

Speciality telehealth services are designed to eliminate the need for unnecessary travel, discomfort and expense while empowering you to communicate with trained physiotherapists and take control of your treatment. 

It is always advisable that when you log on for your session that you wear comfortable clothing, which will not impede your ability to show the affected area to the physiotherapist. As such, tight or restrictive clothing is advised against.

Naturally, you may have questions about whether treatment via an online system can really achieve very much. However, the truth is that most musculoskeletal injuries are suitable for such consultations. You can trust that where our clinicians believe that an in-person consultation is required, we will make this clear from the outset.

Those who are unsure as to whether their injury is suitable for such consultations are encouraged to get in touch in advance of booking their session, and we will let you know.

High Patient Satisfaction

A Reputation for Higher Patient Satisfaction

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we understand that there are many other practitioners available throughout Melbourne, but for those who wish to gain an insight into our effectiveness, we point you toward our superb 5-star Google reviews. We have earned our reputation for higher patient satisfaction through insightful treatments that are designed to address the specific concerns of each patient we consult with.

So, if you are planning on using telehealth services for patients and want access to the very best provider in Melbourne CBD, then book in with us today. We can help you make a fast recovery to full health.

Telehealth Services
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