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Telehealth Physiotherapy

Telehealth is a virtual way to connect and be treated remotely by a Melbourne CBD Physiotherapist. This form of consultation is perfect for new and existing patients who may wish to require the services of the clinic, but for whatever reason are unable to physically attend.

How does this form of treatment differ from an in practice consultation?

Similar to face-to-face consultation, telehealth consultations provide our physiotherapists a platform to observe, advise, diagnose and decide on the best course of treatment for your concern.

However, instead of being face-to-face , the consultation is completed virtually. These virtual consultations are conducted via Zoom or Google meetings, as they are the trusted platforms for privacy.

Who and what conditions would benefit the most from telehealth?

If you’re a patient who has one of the following conditions, telehealth may be an appropriate treatment delivery method:

  • Hip pain
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Muscle strain
  • Tendon injury
  • Fracture or bone injury
  • Exercise rehabilitation progression

How can I be sure Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy will be able to assist me via telehealth?

Our team is dedicated to delivering optimal service and treatment outcomes. If you’re unsure as to whether this form of virtual physio will be applicable, please don’t hesitate to contact the practice.


What if I need a referral for imaging or to a specialist?

If deemed appropriate, our clinicians will complete and send the referral to the radiology clinic. If needing specific advice from a sports physician etc, again our practitioners will complete handovers and see that it reaches the intended recipient.

How do I receive advice on my treatment?

Our clinicians follow up on all consultations, often with a phone call and email. If you are requiring specific information be it on exercise or the injury itself, our team will ensure this is delivered in a timely fashion via your preferred contact method.

What if there is a specific exercise I need to complete?

These exercises can often be found on the Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy exercise database. If there are specific exercises modifications to suit your environment our clinicians will do their best to accommodate your set up.

Is there a chance I will be asked to attend the clinic?

For some complex presentations there is a possibility you will be asked to physically attend the clinic. This may be required if your treating physiotherapists needs to really hone in with some specific testing to confirm your diagnosis. We might suggest this as some tests require hands on assessment to help assist our diagnosis of muscles, nerve and/or joint conditions.

Telehealth Physiotherapy

If you have experienced a musculoskeletal injury, then a telehealth physio session could be the first step on your path to recovery. To date, the majority of experiences with physiotherapy are one-to-one consultations that usually involve some physical treatment by the clinician.

As such, many patients doubt whether their physical injury can be treated in any meaningful way through this relatively new, alternative approach. In fact, physiotherapists do a lot more than simply work in a hand-on way on any injury, which means that there is a lot that can be done remotely.
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Learn More About Telehealth Physiotherapy

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we believe in harnessing the many different ways in which we can help our community recover from musculoskeletal injuries. We want to improve health outcomes for our patients and have created a world-class facility that is backed up by a team that has extensive experience, education and continue to set the bar for excellence in physiotherapy.

Through telehealth physiotherapy, we can not only diagnose your condition, but we can educate you and provide advice as well as the best possible treatment to achieve a superb outcome. Even though we connect remotely, you can trust that we will take a complete approach to the management of your injury. We tailor our approach to each patient’s needs and can help you take full control of your recovery.

What You Gain by Using Telehealth Physiotherapy Services

Telehealth physiotherapy services have proven to be incredibly popular in recent years because there are many benefits associated with them. Here at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we appreciate that our patients live busy, demanding lives, which can limit their ability to set time aside to receive the treatments that they need. Injuries that are not addressed can, of course, become greater issues as time passes, so through providing remote consultations, we can help you access the services you need when and where you can.

Telehealth makes accessing physiotherapy services much easier for patients. From the comfort of your home, or office, you can research our clinic, get a sense of the 5-star service that we have provided to many others whose musculoskeletal injuries we successfully treated and then engage with a highly-trained professional physiotherapist and receive a tailor-designed treatment plan that is certain to meet your expectations.

Overall, the patient experience is a very positive one. While all of the above is fantastic, consider the fact that you do not have to spend time in traffic, or on public transport, getting to and from your appointment, and do not have to buy fuel or travel passes. Best of all, the time required for the consultation is all that you have to set aside, which means that you can spend your time as you see fit on either side of the appointment.

Unrivalled Customer Satisfaction

Are you looking for telehealth services when it comes to physiotherapy? Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy is here to help. Visit our website or call 03 9670 3051. The low recurrence rates of injury among our patients is a testament to the ability of our clinicians to accurately diagnose the injury and deliver a treatment plan that achieves the best outcomes.

Physiotherapy services delivered via telehealth make it possible for you to access effective treatment plans no matter where you live in Melbourne. Book your session with the leading clinicians in the business today.
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Telehealth Physiotherapy
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