Shoulder Specialist Physiotherapy Melbourne

If you are experiencing shoulder pain and you live in Melbourne, getting physio can help you on your road to recovery, offering you relief and a treatment plan to manage your condition.

Shoulder Physio Benefits

The Benefits of Shoulder Physio in Melbourne

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, our shoulder specialist physio can ensure you receive the best possible treatment that allows you to live your life pain-free.

Get the best physiotherapy for your shoulder pain

You can get shoulder pain for many reasons, such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder dislocations, acromioclavicular joint (AC) separation and arthritis. 

  • Shoulder physiotherapy can relieve the stiffness and pain in your shoulder with stretching and strengthening exercises. At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, your clinician will develop a unique treatment plan to treat the symptoms. We take a holistic approach to your health and we work to find the cause of your condition. 
  • If your rotator cuff has been injured, your shoulder physiotherapist will be able to diagnose the injury and discover which muscle in your rotator cuff is causing the damage. By pinpointing what the problem is, your uninjured muscles can be trained to allow your shoulder to work pain-free. 
  • When dislocation occurs, physiotherapy in Melbourne can make a real difference. Dislocation causes bruising around your shoulder, which results in a lot of pain and discomfort. At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, our therapists can help relieve this pain by stimulating your muscles and predisposing you to a future dislocation.
  • An AC joint that has become separated can become swollen and painful. Physiotherapy can reduce this swelling and strengthen the joint. 
  • Arthritis often occurs with age, but physio for arthritis in your shoulder can be incredibly effective at reducing any pain and returning normal functioning to your shoulder. 

When you choose Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, your therapist will be able to determine what the problem is and what the best course of treatment is for you.

Shoulder Pain Relief

Get relief from shoulder pain

An issue with your shoulder can cause great pain for you, but with the right treatment from Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, you will soon be on your road to recovery and reduce the chances of injury from reoccurring. 

All our practitioners are highly skilled and are there to provide you with the best possible treatment. You can be confident that your recovery is in the best hands as all our sports physiotherapists have postgraduate qualifications and continue to research in the field.

Contact us today at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy for the best treatment for your shoulder.

Shoulder Physio Melbourne
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