Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy in Melbourne

Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy brings skilled physiotherapists together to provide a service geared towards full patient satisfaction. Whether you are seeking physiotherapy treatment for frozen shoulder, or recovery following a sporting injury, our team will help you on your journey to full fitness and range of motion.

We actively listen, deliver accurate diagnoses and then offer appropriate treatment and education, solving problems within a given timeframe following guidelines.

Frozen Shoulder Physio

Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy Treatment Melbourne

We want to manage symptoms and give you the drive and tools to get better faster – we understand your needs, and our clinical team are leading experts with strong academic backgrounds; fully trained and up to date with all aspects of physiotherapy and technology.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest in technology – from the Keiser strength equipment that helps with recovery through resistance training to the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill and a fully equipped gym, our team are fully trained in using these technological advancements to further recovery efficiency. Our team can get hands-on too, offering massage techniques and physical manipulation to assess and treat a wide range of symptoms, including frozen shoulder physiotherapy in Melbourne.

Is Your Shoulder Pain Frozen Shoulder?

What is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a condition where the shoulder joint becomes painful with a severely limited range of motion. Medically known as ‘adhesive capsulitis’, the condition describes a long process (can be several years) where the shoulder joint becomes painful and stiff (freezing) completely immovable (frozen) and then, spontaneously eases (thawing).

The shoulder joint itself is a shallow ball-and-socket joint surrounded by a ‘capsule’ of fluid. In frozen shoulder, this capsule solidifies and becomes thick and tight – like a plastic bag full of concrete. With reduced synovial fluid (the ‘lubrication’ for the joints), scar tissue forms and it becomes increasingly difficult to move.

How to diagnose if you have a frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder in the ‘freezing’ stage is hard to diagnose as it presents as pain and stiffness it is often mistaken for other shoulder complaints. It often needs imaging solutions as well as physical assessment to properly diagnose.

Frozen shoulder seems to happen spontaneously; there are no obvious causes but those who suffer from diabetes, have had a stroke or another issue that has caused a period of immobility, or just women in menopause are usually sufferers.

Frozen shoulder is a self-limiting issue – it does get better by itself, although this process can take up to 3 years. This does not mean that you shouldn’t seek help with managing the pain if you need to – speak to your GP in the first instance to discuss pain management and further examinations/tests. For more information see A snapshot of a frozen shoulder: a condition we hope you don’t have or ever get.

How Does Physio Help?

How Does Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy Help?

When the shoulder is fully frozen, there is not much that physiotherapy can do on its own. However, if you are offered treatment in the form of hydrodilation (injecting a solution of saline and corticosteroid into the capsule) this can aid in movement, allowing physiotherapy to make a real difference.

Physiotherapy exercise for frozen shoulder are aimed at improving range of motion. Completed to the point of tension, not pain – we never use ‘pain as a guide’ – stretches are used to work the joint gently. These exercises are particularly beneficial as the thawing process begins – gradually and gently improving range of motion and strength in the shoulder and arm, supported by the expertise of a well-trained physiotherapist.

Think You May Have A Frozen Shoulder?

Our resident shoulder specialist Adrianna has a whole range of exercises and treatments for shoulder problems, including frozen shoulder physiotherapy. Call us today to book your initial consultation and let Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy help you to manage your symptoms and get back to fitness.

Frozen Shoulder Physio
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