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Ankle injuries are incredibly common and can occur in many sporting activities. By having ankle physiotherapy, you can get the right treatment for your ankle, avoiding further injury or pain and preventing it from happening again in the future.

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we can provide physio for your sprained ankle, giving you effective relief from the pain and strengthening for the future.

Ankle injuries need specific intervention to deliver a full recovery.

What Melbourne CBD Physiotherapists consider for ankle injuries

When assessing someone with an ankle injury, how the injury occurred is a crucial factor, as this will help determine what is likely to be driving your symptoms. It will also help us understand what kind of assessment needs to be performed and whether any other form of intervention is needed to aid in your recovery. Some interventions we might consider are:

  • Radiology (MRI/XR)
  • Gait/walking aids (crutches, brace, scooters or CAM walkers also known as “moon boots”) 
  • Certain types of exercise intervention strategies 

Establishing these crucial pieces of information is vital in our diagnosis, as it will change the way we treat the injury. It should also be said that no ankle injury can be treated with a blanket or recipe approach, as no two injuries are the same.

The three reasons you need to get your ankle or foot checked

  1. Certain pathologies in the foot and ankle can be easily mistaken. Foot and ankle pathologies clinically present in similar ways but have very subtle differences. These help us distinguish which pathology is causing the issue: Bone, tendon, ligament etc. 
  2. By establishing the true cause of ankle symptoms it can really empower our patients, as once the main contributing factors are established intervention can be applied
  3. You might have the wrong diagnosis and be applying an inappropriate treatment or intervention which might inhibit improvement or return to full function.

There is no harm in having it checked for peace of mind and sound preventative advice.

Criteria Driven Rehabilitation: Returning to sport and activity following ankle injury

Time alone does not heal ankle injury, and “no pain” does not mean it has recovered and is ready to withstand the demands of life and sport.

One of the biggest mistakes we see is when people perceive lack of pain as indication it has fully healed, and consequently try to perform tasks that cause their symptoms to resurface. 

At Melbourne CBD Physio, we are criteria driven clinicians who know what loads are associated with certain tasks. We’ll aim to not only get you pain free but to progressively strengthen the foot and ankle complex and train it to be ready to take on the specific demands and load of full activity.

Technology integration in ankle rehabilitation

How do you know your ankle is ready to go? At Melbourne CBD Physio, we use state of the art technology as part of your ankle and foot rehabilitation.

We do this in many ways, with the most common to strengthen the ankle and progressively load the joint during functional tasks. Your management plan will also have you performing specific tests to gain metrics and visibility on how your ankle is performing and the stage it is at.

Ankle Physiotherapy That is Effective

Effective Ankle Physio in Melbourne

Seeking physiotherapy for ankle pain can prevent long-term problems from occurring. By choosing physio, your clinician can ensure that your ankle is completely healed and rehabilitated.

Your ankle works on two joints to turn your foot inwards and outwards, as well as up and down. Sprained ankles can occur when your foot rolls inwards and this can cause partial or completely torn ligaments, which can be incredibly painful. 

Treatment For a Sprained Ankle

Why receive treatment for your sprained ankle?

A sprained ankle can happen to anybody. You may just be walking along the street and lose your balance, or you may have taken part in a contact or non-contact sport. Whatever caused your injury, we can solve the problem.

When you come to Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy for your treatment, we will determine where and why the injury has occurred and then devise a bespoke treatment plan. Whether this is down to fracture or soft-tissue injury, we can work with you to bring you back to health.

Ankle sprain physiotherapy is often essential to ensure full rehabilitation is achieved. Even if the pain has subsided, the structures of your ankle and foot may have been weakened. One of our skilled sports physiotherapists at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy can ascertain the full extent of your injury and reduce any pain, stiffness and instability from occurring in the future. 

By seeking physio, you can also prevent further injury or problems from occurring in other parts of your body due to your weak ankle(s).

Why Choose Us

Why choose Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy?

For the best ankle physio in Melbourne, look no further than Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy for holistic treatment for your ankle. 

  • With our treatment plans, you can get back to your favourite sport or whatever it is that you love to do as soon as possible. All our team are friendly and professional. With our holistic approach to healthcare, you can be confident that your treatment is in the best hands.
  • All our skilled clinicians have postgraduate qualifications in physiotherapy. Along with our experience, we also continue to conduct high-quality research in the field. This way, we ensure that we are using the latest and best techniques to aid your full recovery.

During your consultations, you can expect a clear diagnosis, along with clear management and treatment strategies, so you know exactly what is going on. With a clear timeframe, we can help you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Contact us today by phone or book an appointment at our sports injury clinic and take the first step to living a life free of ankle pain.

Looking For A Physio For Ankle Pain

Physio For Ankle Pain

If you are seeking help for an ongoing ankle problem, you might be thinking about physio for ankle pain. Here at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we have extensive experience in helping our clients not only manage all types of pain and stiffness but improve their range of motion and performance in many cases.

We approach ankle physio at our physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne with our usual personalised experience. We make sure that for all our clients we provide not only a thorough consultation but also a goal-orientated program that is totally bespoke. Every client has different expectations, different needs, and a different end result that they would like to reach – so we want to ensure that we are completely clear with all our clients about just how that can be achieved, how long it will take, and what needs to be done to get there. It is a collaborative process; our expertise in the latest physiotherapy techniques combine with access to top-of-the-range technology and machines to provide guidance on what we can do, while our step-by-step treatment plan will outline how you can help yourself at home.

Physio for ankle pain can include hands-on techniques, the use of machines, advice on diet and general health, and education on ways to prevent recurrence. We know we have succeeded in helping you when you no longer need our services – and it is our aim to get you there quickly and safely.

What Causes Ankle Pain & How Ankle Physio Can Help?

What Causes Ankle Pain & How Ankle Physio Can Help?

Like other painful problems, there can be many causes of ankle pain. When you have had an injury to the ankle, it should not be taken lightly. A thorough Physiotherapy assessment is always recommended, especially from ankle ligament physio. This is so you can have a well structured management plan following a sprain, or a fracture. We know inversion injuries are most common and occur for a number of reasons. Sudden changes in direction which is a common feature of many sports can place significant loads on the ankle joint. With compromised ligaments in the ankle it is imperative that you successfully rehabilitate the ankle and the surrounding musculature to limit or decrease the likelihood of reinjury.

When we assess ankles we not only assess ligaments and tendons, we also assess the integrity of bone. During assessment we examine the integrity of the tibia, the fibula, talus, navicular, metatarsals just to name a few. They are so important to assess, as these bones can can fracture during the mechanism of injury, and if missed can delay your recovery and sometimes the potential for full function. If you have suffered a fracture or high grade strain or team might advise and provide you with a form of orthosis. This can prescribed for long periods of time depending on the type of injury. However, when we work with you, our team of highly skilled ankle physio will ensure your completing appropriate exercises to build up strength and capacity after a period of non-use.

As with other joints, we really stress the importance of preventing arthritis that can arise following injury years down the track. We do this by really establishing how your joint is performing, and whether certain tasks will be manageable at certain points of the rehabilitation cycle. It is also important to note that even though arthritic change is described as degeneration or inflammation of joint cartilages, exercise and strength interventions can help address the stiffness and pain that can seriously influence daily activity and quality of life.

Achilles tendinopathy can also effect the function of the foot and ankle. This can occur all of a sudden or over a prolonged period of time. We know the Achilles tendon is the spring of the ankle joint and has to absorb and release huge amounts of force when we walk, jog run and sprint. However, with symptom patterns following activity it can be hard for people to understand why it is not getting better. This is because Achilles tendinopathy can be misdiagnosed as another issue causing similar symptoms, or a person has tried inappropriate modalities with little and weak evidence. At Melbourne CBD Physio we can provide you with the support of a special physio for ankle pain. Our leading sports physiotherapist Nick Cross takes great pleasure explaining to patients how this condition can be managed, improved and prevented from recurrence.

Specialised Help For Your Ankle Pain From Our Expert Physiotherapists

Specialised Help For Your Ankle

Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy has the perfect combination of well-educated, experienced and knowledgeable therapists – we are experts in our fields, and we are always looking for ways to improve our own knowledge and provide education for our clients so that you can be fully informed.

Our physiotherapists are hand-selected and are some of the best in Melbourne – each physiotherapist has a special and vested interest, post-graduate qualifications in select areas of physiotherapy, as well as leading research in the profession. This wonderful combination has always been desirable as we strive to not only get clients pain free, but also ensuring that there is no recurrence – and, where possible, improvement in overall performance too.

When you are concerned about pain and stiffness, or need some expert advice regarding ankle physio, Nick Cross and the team at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy are on hand to help.

Ankle Physio Melbourne
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