Ankle Physiotherapy Melbourne

Ankle injuries are incredibly common and can occur in many sporting activities. By having ankle physiotherapy, you can get the right treatment for your ankle, avoiding further injury or pain and preventing it from happening again in the future.

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we can provide physio for your sprained ankle, giving you effective relief from the pain and strengthening for the future.

Ankle Physiotherapy That is Effective

Effective Ankle Physio in Melbourne

Seeking physiotherapy for ankle pain can prevent long-term problems from occurring. By choosing physio, your clinician can ensure that your ankle is completely healed and rehabilitated.

Your ankle works on two joints to turn your foot inwards and outwards, as well as up and down. Sprained ankles can occur when your foot rolls inwards and this can cause partial or completely torn ligaments, which can be incredibly painful. 

Treatment For a Sprained Ankle

Why receive treatment for your sprained ankle?

A sprained ankle can happen to anybody. You may just be walking along the street and lose your balance, or you may have taken part in a contact or non-contact sport. Whatever caused your injury, we can solve the problem.

When you come to Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy for your treatment, we will determine where and why the injury has occurred and then devise a bespoke treatment plan. Whether this is down to fracture or soft-tissue injury, we can work with you to bring you back to health.

Ankle sprain physiotherapy is often essential to ensure full rehabilitation is achieved. Even if the pain has subsided, the structures of your ankle and foot may have been weakened. One of our skilled sports physiotherapists at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy can ascertain the full extent of your injury and reduce any pain, stiffness and instability from occurring in the future. 

By seeking physio, you can also prevent further injury or problems from occurring in other parts of your body due to your weak ankle(s).

Why Choose Us

Why choose Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy?

For the best ankle physio in Melbourne, look no further than Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy for holistic treatment for your ankle. 

  • With our treatment plans, you can get back to your favourite sport or whatever it is that you love to do as soon as possible. All our team are friendly and professional. With our holistic approach to healthcare, you can be confident that your treatment is in the best hands.
  • All our skilled clinicians have postgraduate qualifications in physiotherapy. Along with our experience, we also continue to conduct high-quality research in the field. This way, we ensure that we are using the latest and best techniques to aid your full recovery.

During your consultations, you can expect a clear diagnosis, along with clear management and treatment strategies, so you know exactly what is going on. With a clear timeframe, we can help you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Contact us today by phone or book an appointment at our sports injury clinic and take the first step to living a life free of ankle pain.

Ankle Physio Melbourne
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