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If you have calf pain, you might be considering calf physio. Here at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we help people just like you to achieve a pain-free life, rediscover the joy of movement and improve your physical performance regardless of whatever level you might be at.

Our knowledgeable, experienced team are considered to be the best in Melbourne. All our physiotherapists are post-graduate qualified and are always researching new and innovative techniques to keep our knowledge ahead of the game. Our managing director and physiotherapist, Nick Cross, has brought his experience in working in top-class facilities in Europe and the USA to our physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne, the combination of the best minds and world-leading equipment that gave those clinics and their clients such great results have informed our practice.

Calf Physio & Understand & Treat The Pain & Improve Your Performance

For those that suffer from calf pain, you will know how detrimental it can be to everyday life – and that is where we are ready to help. We use all our expertise in calf physiotherapy to assess your problem, create a clear management and treatment plan, and work with you to achieve your goals.

Physio For Calf Tear & Calf Strain: The Complete Guide To Calf Pain

The calf complex is made up from many muscles. However, there are two muscles that get a lot of attention. These are the gastrocnemius, and the soleus. These muscles meet at the Achilles tendon and are responsible for horizontal and vertical force production during walking and running.

When it comes to the causes of calf pain, many of our clients suffer from overuse or improper use – usually when they begin a new activity. For some people, getting started on a new exercise regime can be exciting, but when you are using muscles in a new way, mind body dualism is a real thing that can contribute to injury. Meaning you wants you to complete a task be it at a particular speed or for a particular time, but is your body actually ready to do it from a physical conditioning perspective? Seeing a physio for calf strain can be so useful. Our team can help you establish what is causing your symptoms. Is it muscle? is it intramuscular tendon, or maybe is it a neural referral? Seeing a Physiotherapist for calf strain at our clinic can help you understand how you will recover. With our expert support, you can make sure that you do not suffer a recurrence and really know it is conditioned to perform exactly what you want to achieve. Sudden onset of pain could indicate something a bit more serious, but physio for a calf tear can help rehabilitate the problem quickly.

Pain we know can come on for so many reasons. Common presentations we see are Achilles tendinopathy, plantaris tendon hypertrophy, acute muscle strain at the muscle tendon junction, sciatic referral, and in some circumstances we can see calf pain resulting as a secondary condition of a medical condition. Compartment syndrome, where a group of muscles contained in a fascia is under pressure, reducing blood flow and potentially damaging the muscles and nerves, can be helped with exercises and manipulation as suggested by your calf physiotherapist.

The Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy Difference Providing Calf Physiotherapy

When the causes of calf pain can be complicated, an experienced, knowledgeable and professional physiotherapist is essential to not only fully assess and diagnose the problem, but also create a bespoke plan to manage and treat it. Here at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we take our time to assess your symptoms and movement to make a diagnosis and then use information about your personal goals to help inform the way we treat and manage. We never just use ‘pain as a guide’ – the ultimate goal for us as physiotherapists is to reduce your pain, increase your range of motion and ultimately improve your life – whatever that looks like to you!

Find out how Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy can make a difference to your life with calf physio and general leg physio treatments. Call us today for an initial consultation.

Calf Physio Melbourne
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