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Having a spinal physio you can trust is one of the most important aspects of recovering from a spinal injury. At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy we understand this and take our role in your treatment and recovery very seriously. Not only are our team of physiotherapists the best in Melbourne, but they’re also extremely passionate about what they do and the people that they help. 

No other physiotherapy clinic in the Melbourne CBD area adopts the physiotherapy techniques and technology that we do. As well as being able to give you expert advice and recommendations during your treatment, we also have a range for industry-leading and innovative physiotherapy equipment to help you get as much value as possible out of your treatment.

Spinal Physio In Melbourne

Spinal Physiotherapy in Melbourne

While pain is often a good guide, it’s not the only indicator that we rely on to show us when you’re getting better. During your spine physiotherapy, we will be able to prove that you’re recovering in more than one way and give you confidence in our process. 

Our accurate timelines and plans will help you to manage your injury and carry on with your life as much as possible. The aim of our treatment is to see you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

If you’ve suffered from a spinal injury, then finding a great physio that can understand and provide you with the best treatment and guidance possible, can be extremely important for your recovery. At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy we have a select group of highly skilled and experienced practitioners that ensure our patients receive a professional and friendly experience every time they walk through the door.

Our patients who visit the physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne will not only receive expert advice and treatment, but they will also have access to our range of industry-leading physiotherapy equipment and technology, to make sure they get the best possible results for their recovery.

Do I Need Spinal Physio

Do I Need Spinal Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help you reduce back pain, restore normal mobility, and reduce the chances of hurting your back. We use a wide range of techniques and treatments to help with back pain depending on your diagnosis. 

If you’re experiencing back pain that is causing your day-to-day problems with no sign of getting better after a few weeks, it’s worth talking to an experienced physiotherapist to see if the cause can be determined and so you can take an appropriate course of action. 

There are different types of back pain, but there are four that are more commonly seen. Non-specific back pain is when there is no specific cause such as a medical condition or injury. Static back pain is pain that spreads from your back down to your legs and this is commonly caused by prolapsed discs. 

Back pain can also be caused by the aging of the disks in your spine and spinal stenosis which is when the spaces around your spinal cord narrows and puts added pressure on it. 

Spinal physiotherapy will help you to determine the type of back pain you’re experiencing than advise the best way to overcome and prevent it in the future. If left untreated, back pain and spinal injuries can significantly reduce your quality of life.

Getting professional support and advice could hold the secret to your recovery and make you a lot more comfortable. 

About Our Spinal Physiotherapy & How It Can Help You

Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy provides the general population of Melbourne with high level, evidence based physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. Our practitioners have worked all over the world and understand the importance of catering for people of all ages and abilities in the Australian Market. We’re also lucky enough to have elite rehabilitation equipment that caters for the elite sporting population.

Since starting Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we have continued to reinvest back into the clinic. Our practitioners have a goal to set the benchmark for what a premium spinal physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre should be like, so that our patients are always satisfied with the treatment, advice and care that they receive.

Getting Support & Advice From Our Spinal physiotherapists

When it comes to back pain, it can be both frustrating and overwhelming. This makes it difficult to decide whether you need back physio or spinal physiotherapy in Melbourne. If you’re concerned your back pain is causing problems in your day-to-day life, and simple everyday tasks are becoming more and more challenging, then it could be worth speaking to one of our skilled physiotherapists.

Talking to one of our experienced practitioners helps our patients work out what type of back they are suffering from, what may be causing it, and key strategies they can use to assist with their condition in the future. Physiotherapy can help reduce pain, which can increase mobility, giving our patients the confidence to recommence their everyday activities sooner rather than later. 

Overcoming back pain can also help to improve our patients quality of life, and with Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy we don’t just rely on pain as a guide to whether or not your physiotherapy is working. We can prove that our patients are improving and recovering in other ways so that they can be confident with the current treatment and future management.

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If people are suffering from back pain and want to find a skilled spinal physio in Melbourne, then look no further than Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy. With our highly skilled practitioners and world-class facility, we can offer our patients a modern, holistic approach to health care. With a clear diagnosis and treatment strategy, as well as realistic expectations that our patients trust, we know they’ll meet their recovery goals in the time required.

For more information or to book an appointment with our spinal physiotherapist in Melbourne, call or book online today.

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Spinal Physiotherapy Melbourne
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