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Wrists are complicated structures and similar to the hand; it’s comprised of multiple small bones, connective tendons, tiny ligaments, and expressive muscles and joints which all combine to make a highly mobile amazing joint. This joint is one that we all rely on so much to achieve our everyday tasks. When you have wrist pain, stiffness or an injury, it can be difficult to continue to play sports, perform in your job, or just complete your day to day activities. Finding a wrist physio in Melbourne that can help you get past your pain, improve the range of motion, prevent recurrence and even improve performance is vital to our patients recovery.

Here at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, our practitioners are dedicated to helping our patients with their wrist problem through a thorough assessment that takes into consideration the treatment goals and outcomes. We combine our outstanding knowledge and learning with innovative techniques to help you get closer to becoming pain free.

With us as your chosen physio for wrist pain, you too can become pain free and rediscover the correct use of your wrists and hands.

What Can Cause Wrist Pain & How Wrist Physio Can Help?

Many patients come to Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy after sustaining an injury to their wrist or hand. One of the more common presentations we see follows some sort of fall on an outstretched hand, which increases the risk of a severe strain, sprain, or even an undiagnosed fracture of the wrist. On the flip side, many people also suffer from repetitive stress caused by sports, playing music, and even driving, which can irritate and inflame the tissues around the wrist joints, and in a handful of cases eventually lead to a stress fracture.

What Can Cause Wrist Pain

With the sheer number of soft tissue structures in the wrist, tendonitis (now known as tendinopathy) can be an issue. Problems like De Quervain’s syndrome, which affects the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist, involves painful swelling and inflammation that puts extra pressure on the passing nerves. Physio for wrist tendonitis (now known as tendinopathy) can work through the sensitivity and ease the swelling, releasing the pressure on the nerves and therefore reducing pain and a return of normal movement.

Another common problem in the wrist can be caused by general wear and tear and normal ageing changes. Osteoarthritis mainly affects the fingers, hands and wrists, although it can be found in other joints. The cartilage around the joints can degrade, causing pain with activity and movement that might be felt as burning or sharp, particularly noticeable in the morning.

Physio Can Help

Whatever the cause of your wrist pain, finding the right physio for wrist pain is the key. Someone who can not only assist in pinpointing the cause, but work towards avoiding a recurrence where possible – through a hands-on approach, manipulation, progressive exercises and education, this can make all the difference to your quality of life.

The Cost Of Physio For Wrist Sprain Or Injury

Many people would famously say, what price would you pay to be truly pain-free? We pride ourselves on being the benchmark for physiotherapy in Melbourne, and our clinical directors have used their experience in some of the leading facilities around the world to inform the way we work.

Combining the best physiotherapists in Melbourne with hand-picked specialised equipment from across the world, we have created a formidable clinic that is recognised as the pinnacle of private physiotherapy.

If you need a wrist physio, hand physio or any other type of physiotherapy, then book your initial consultation today. During this 30 minute appointment, our physiotherapist will thoroughly assess the problem, ask questions about the history and establish some goals, before providing a clear diagnosis, management and treatment plan.

If our patients need multiple appointments, require the use of our state-of-the-art equipment, or just a step by step guide to exercises they can complete at home, our physios are here to help you. Best of all, we have the necessary Hicaps equipment on site so our patients can claim their private healthcare fund immediately.

Choose Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy as your chosen wrist physio in Melbourne and let us get you pain free sooner.

Wrist Physio Melbourne
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