WorkSafe Physiotherapy

If you have sustained an injury at work you may be entitled to a WorkSafe claim. WorkSafe can pay the reasonable costs of physiotherapy services when required as a result of a work-related injury or illness under Victorian workers’ compensation legislation. 

All Melbourne CBD Physios are qualified to liaise with WorkSafe Victoria to return you safely and comfortably back to work. We use evidence based physiotherapy treatments and technologies as well as supplementary educational tools to give you the confidence you need to take control of your workplace injury or illness.

 You can find out how to make a claim through WorkSafe here.

How to get WorkSafe physiotherapy
  1. Choose a Melbourne CBD Physiotherapist.
  2. Make an appointment by giving us a call or booking online. Tell us that you are a WorkSafe client.
  3. Provide us with your WorkSafe claim number in advance of your appointment, or agree to pay in full if you do not yet have approval.
How long can you use WorkSafe for?

How long you receive physiotherapy under WorkSafe is entirely individual. It is dependent on the nature of your injury/illness sustained at work and what you are qualified to receive after approval of your case. 

If your case presents to be complex and needs more physiotherapy than originally approved, our physios will prepare the necessary documentation and reports to submit to WorkSafe in their best effort to extend your claim.

How do you pay for treatment?

Melbourne CBD Physio will invoice WorkSafe at the current approved rate. To cover the remaining portion of the consultation fee, you only need pay a small out of pocket gap on the day.

What does physio do for WorkSafe clients?

A physiotherapist assesses, diagnoses, treats and works to prevent disease and disability through movement and exercise. They are experts in body movement and function, and work with people affected by injury, illness or disability to help them improve the movement and functioning of their body. They will also take control of all the necessary reporting and documentation required as a WorkSafe client. 

Your WorkSafe case manager will periodically review your entitlement to physiotherapy to ensure that the treatment and services remain reasonable for the work-related injury and/or illness.This allows them to make the decisions about what treatment WorkSafe pays for, how long they pay for it and that you are getting the support you need. 

Receiving different allied health treatments (e.g. physio and chiro) at the same time for the same injury is usually not recommended. If you or your physio believe this is necessary, you can contact your WorkSafe case manager to talk about your needs and adjust your approval qualifications.

What if my claim hasn’t been approved but I need immediate physiotherapy?

Your health is the most important thing. It’s important to get treatment as soon as possible, regardless of whether you have an accepted workers’ compensation claim. Physiotherapy can commence immediately after your workplace injury. If your claim has not yet been approved, you will need to pay for your physiotherapy in full. You can later recover the costs be covered by workers’ compensation if your claim is accepted.

WorkSafe Fee Schedule

WorkSafe sets maximum rates at which they will fund medical or related service visits. Melbourne CBD Physio does charge a gap payment for WorkSafe visits. Please see below for the fee schedule based on the 2021/22 WorkSafe rates. 


Service Description Full Consultation Fee (before claim) TAC Item Number Maximum WorkSafe Payment Rate  Gap Payment
Initial Consultation  $130 PY100 $120.54 $9.46
Standard Consultation $115 PY102 $60.26 $54.74

Why do we charge a gap?

Our priority is to give you exceptional outcomes. Charging a gap fee gives us the time to provide every bit of care other physios may not be able to offer at the minimum WorkSafe-only rate.

A gap fee allows us the time to offer you a thorough assessment and management plan, follow up with your treatment outside of formal appointments, and align your physio treatment with treatment and opinions you may also receiving from other medical/allied health professionals. 

WorkSafe requires your physio to formulate frequent reports and documentation to let them know how your treatment is travelling and if necessary, make the case for WorkSafe to continue funding physio beyond the approved amount. 

Do you have any more questions about claiming WorkSafe with Melbourne CBD Physio? Give us a call so we can help!

WorkSafe Physiotherapy
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