Virtual Physiotherapy

Are you looking for virtual physiotherapy help online? Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy is here to help. Visit our website or call 03 9670 3051. 

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we operate a world-class facility that is designed to address the needs of our patients. Our highly skilled practitioners adopt a professional, friendly manner and deliver a holistic approach to health care. We believe that in today’s world it is important to provide our busy clients with the means of accessing the highest levels of private health care in as many ways as possible.

Virtual Physiotherapy

How Does Virtual Physiotherapy Work?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of virtual physio then, on first encountering it, you would be forgiven for wondering how it could possibly work or help. Virtual physiotherapy is essentially a diagnostic tool. After consulting with your physiotherapist to confirm the diagnosis for the pain, discomfort or injury, it is a means of providing specific information, combined with detailed instructions that lead to the effective treatment of complaints.

Virtual Physio Online Perfect For After Hours Treatement

We can provide you with a clear diagnosis, clear management treatment and virtual physio treatment strategies, provide you with clear timeframes and help you to get better as quickly as possible, while simultaneously meeting your goals and expectations. Our patients have incredibly low recurrence rates of injury and you are guaranteed to receive a consultation with a clinician that is post-graduate qualified in Physiotherapy and who is committed to life-long education and learning.

Virtual Physio Consultations

Virtual Consultations Can Treat Your Injury

Since those who require a physiotherapy consultation experience some form of musculoskeletal injury like a shoulder injury, it may seem counterintuitive to seek help via virtual physio online. However, the reality is that most injuries of this nature are suitable for this approach.

Virtual care makes it possible for you to connect with the information required to treat and look after your injury. Patients need to secure a professional diagnosis upfront, however, with this, they will be able to access a wealth of combined knowledge and information specific to the nature of the injury that they are dealing with. It is generally accessible at all times and you can log and save information that you provide.

Your clinician can check in with you via this method to determine how well your treatment is progressing and it allows you to provide them with insights that will enable them to alter your treatment plan where necessary to achieve the outcome that you want in a more timely manner.

In today’s world, this is an incredibly valuable tool, particularly for those that are limited in their ability to go to the clinic. It is also an effective way for physiotherapists to maintain a connection with their patients, which will afford them a monitored, better standard of care.

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Book Your Virtual Physio Session Today

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we encourage those that wish to book a virtual physio session to use our online booking system, or to call our friendly support team if they need assistance. Our goal is to improve health outcomes for those working in Melbourne’s CBD and we continue to set the benchmark in terms of what physiotherapy should and can achieve.

If you are looking for a virtual physio sports clinic or wish to consult with highly qualified clinicians that are at the forefront of care, then you have come to the right place. 

Virtual Physiotherapy
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