Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy Treatment Melbourne

If you are suffering from elbow pain, getting physio from a qualified therapist in Melbourne can help. Often, early diagnosis can be the determining factor in how well you recover; the earlier your condition is diagnosed and treated, the better your results will be. 

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we can provide effective treatment for your elbow pain, creating a treatment plan that works for you.

Effective Elbow Physio in Melbourne

What is causing you pain? Is it a muscle, joint or tendon injury? Is the pain coming from an old neck injury that you left untreated? Whatever the issue, we get to the bottom of what is causing your pain so that we can not only treat the symptoms but treat the cause too. 

A common elbow condition is tennis elbow. Tennis elbow usually occurs because of overuse of your tendons in your wrist, which are connected to your elbow. This can happen because of gripping when doing activities like decorating or playing tennis, which is where this condition gets its name from.

Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy Treatment

If you are searching for tennis elbow physiotherapy, Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy can provide you with effective treatment for this condition. 

With tennis elbow physiotherapy treatment, your physio will train your tendon to become stronger. Along with this, we can also help to reduce any pain that you may be experiencing. At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we never just use pain as a guide to show you how improvements are being made. Instead, we show you other indicators to demonstrate how physiotherapy is working for you, and reduction in pain is only part of this.

What Is Tennis Elbow & How Physio For Elbow Pain Works?

Tennis elbow is one of the most common reasons that people seek physio for elbow pain. Also known as lateral epicondylitis or elbow tendinopathy, it typically causes pain on the outside of the elbow, that is worse with hand and wrist-related movements.

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can develop tennis elbow, but it is mainly associated with professions which require repetitive movement of the hand and wrist or extended periods of gripping. These movements increase the load on the tendon on the outside of the elbow, that connects to the forearm muscles responsible for wrist and hand movement. As a result, symptoms of lateral elbow tendinopathy include pain and sometimes weakness, as the tendon is unable to match the required loads for daily function.

What Are The Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow & How To Treat Them With Physiotherapy?

Tennis elbow or lateral elbow tendinopathy is easily identifiable as it will present as local pain or stiffness on the outside of the elbow, and may be worse after repetitive or sustained movements of the hand and wrist. It may also spread down your forearm but it should not be sore over the hand or wrist itself.

The most common situations in which you’ll feel pain are when you:

  • Try lifting something
  • Cooking that involves whisking, chopping or pounding
  • Sustained grip such as holding a drill or tools
  • Sports that require a firm grip such as tennis

Don’t confuse tennis elbow with golfer’s elbow, which is a similar condition, but differs with pain felt on the inside of the elbow. For the last one we offer a specific golf physio.

Is Tennis Elbow Pain Treatable With Physio?

Tennis elbow is something that can be treated relatively easily. Normally, a combination of activity modifications, exercises targeting tendon strength, taping and/or medications are used to improve symptoms. However, it’s important you seek a physiotherapist for tennis elbow pain, to ensure the appropriate treatment approach is selected.

The Best Elbow Physio In Melbourne

At our physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne, we treat tennis elbow in a wide range of people from professional athletes to office workers. After diagnosing your condition, our highly trained sports physiotherapists will develop a customised treatment plan for you as an individual. We won’t just get you back to full health as quickly and safely as possible, but we’ll also equip you with the knowledge on how to prevent future occurrences with elbow physio.

Elbow Physio Melbourne
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