Matthew Wirdnam

Matthew Wirdnam

Senior Physiotherapist

Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation

Matthew Wirdnam, an accomplished physiotherapist and research scientist, boasts a robust academic background with a degree in Biomedical Science and a Doctor of Physiotherapy. He made significant strides at Stanford University’s esteemed Sports Medicine department, specifically with the Women’s Soccer Program. Implementing pivotal strategies that drastically reduced injuries, Matthew played an instrumental role in their national championship triumph. Later, he returned to Australia, diving deeper into research at La Trobe University and The Australian Ballet. Focusing on the interplay between mental fatigue and physical injury, Matthew also lent his expertise to premier physiotherapy clinics in Melbourne. Not only does Matthew have a strong clinical interest in tendon pain and foot and ankle injuries, he seeks performance in all aspects of his clinical treatment. Matthew now joins the highly regarded team at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic.

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​Matthew Wirdnam

  • Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • Hip and Groin related pain
  • Ankle injury in dance
  • Foot and ankle rehabilitation (Post surgery)
  • Tendinopathy
Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation

ABOUT Matthew Wirdnam

Matthew Wirdam is an aspiring physiotherapist who works as both a clinician and research scientist. Matthew initially completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science followed by a Doctor of Physiotherapy. Following graduation from his physiotherapy studies, Matthew spent significant time at Stanford University working in their highly regarded Sports Medicine department. While working at Stanford Sports and Exercise Medicine department, Matthew worked primarily with the Women’s Soccer Program. Matthew was responsible for assessing and treating acute injuries and implementing intervention strategies to reduce primary and secondary injury. Having implemented vital strategies that led to a clear reduction in injuries, Matthew was seen as a significant factor in the women’s soccer team winning the NCAA Division 1 national championship.

After his successful tenure at Stanford University, Matthew returned to Australia to work as a clinician and pursue his love of research through La Trobe University and The Australian Ballet. On the research front Matthew turned his attention to mental fatigue, specifically how mental fatigue correlates to physical injury and performance outcomes.  While completing his research Matthew continued to consult in multiple highly regarded Physiotherapy and Sports clinics in Melbourne.

Matthew’s clinical interests are shaped by his research and hands-on clinical experience. He has a particular interest in tendon presentations of the lower limb and injuries related to the foot, ankle, and hip.

Matthew regularly contributes to the Physio-Network (an online education platform for physiotherapists) on the topics of foot, ankle, and lower limb tendinopathy. Additionally, Matthew frequently attends and observes surgeries with several foot and ankle surgeons. In addition to his role in the clinic and in research, Matthew is the senior physiotherapist at South Melbourne FC.

Motivated by providing patients with the best possible health outcome, Matthew joins Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic where he can fully utilise his experience in elite- dance research and high-performance sport.

Outside the clinic, Matthew, a true Manchester United fan, keeps fit in the gym and enjoys bike riding.

Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

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