Knock on knee: Get back to doing!

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Knock on knee: Get back to doing! At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine we think the poor knee gets a hard time don’t you? This joint has load placed on it constantly and is at the beck and call of what’s going on at the […]

Kieser? No, this is Keiser and its worlds apart

Why Keiser is better: When you hear the words Keiser Pneumatic Technology, I’m sure you’re thinking what the hell is that? I’m here to tell you that at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine, you can get access to some of the most comfortable and effective rehabilitation equipment on the market. From […]

Don’t Shrug this off!

“That shoulder stuff they gave me just didn’t work” Adrianna Cann, APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist talks shoulders How is that nagging shoulder progressing? There are times people present to Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine who explain that physiotherapy hasn’t worked and that they have tried strengthening protocols. Between their first physiotherapy […]

Bulletproofing Runners: 2 calf exercises every runner must do

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine we are known as a clinic who are very competent treating runners. Therefore I want to share with you two clinical pearls to help you with your running. When treating runners I have been told so many times during a consultation, “I have to tell […]

Sitting your way to sciatica: 3 tips to address this pain in the arse

Sciatic pain can be a real pain in the arse and leg for that matter, and that is because of the nerve related symptoms referring to these areas of your body. These nerve related symptoms are often referred from peoples backs, and often seen in office workers. This is because of the chronic exposure to […]

A snapshot of a Frozen shoulder: A condition we hope you don’t have or ever get.

Adhesive Capsulitis, commonly referred to as frozen shoulder, can be a difficult diagnosis to understand. There have been many classification systems put forward over the years to describe the condition characterized by chronic pain, limited range of movement (active and passive) and a misunderstanding around the management and prognosis.  Today I’d like to provide some […]

Victoria to enter a 5-day snap lockdown: Let’s reschedule

Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed that Victoria will begin a five-day stage four lockdown from 11:59pm Friday 12th February to 11:59pm Wednesday 17th February, in response to fears the “hyper-infectious” UK strain is spreading faster than contact tracers can keep up. To our Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine community,  We wanted to update you […]

Back in action: Victoria’s five-day lockdown ends

Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine is absolutely thrilled to welcome patients back to our COVID-Safe clinic from Thursday 18th February.

Victoria will end its five-day lockdown from midnight on Wednesday night, with Premier Daniel Andrews announcing that almost all restrictions would be lifted and that “this circuit breaker has worked”.

5 lessons we learned about Telehealth

As Victoria has finished a third lockdown period, we’ve reflected on what we’ve learned in developing our Telehealth services to continue delivering optimal patient outcomes.