Use Your 2022 Extras

Does your private health fund cover extras like Physiotherapy, Myotherapy or Exercise Physiology?  Most health funds have reset for 2022. Use your renewed Physiotherapy or Myotherapy and Exercise Physiology benefits to propel you through the year. What is my health fund annual limit? Your health fund annual limit is the total amount you can claim […]

Exercise Physiology and Group Exercise Classes have arrived

We’re here to help you to live a better life through movement. After all exercise is medicine right? That’s where Exercise Physiology comes in. Steph Tucker is a highly experienced Exercise Physiologist joining us on Monday, Thursday and Fridays. Join Steph for 1:1 consultations or progress to a social exercise class, all with individually tailored, […]

Myotherapy vs Remedial Massage

Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine offers Myotherapy and Remedial Massage three days a week at our Queen Street location. Remedial Massage Therapy has such a great reputation for the alleviation and treatment of non-specific soft tissue injuries, conditions, pain and stress. Myotherapy, which is an extension of and more well-rounded discipline doesn’t have the same […]

The difference between Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy

Exercise Physiologists specialise in using exercise and movement as an intervention for people with a broad range of health issues or sporting goals. Which discipline is best for you? Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists are both university qualified allied health professionals. Accredited Exercise Physiologists (commonly known as AEP’s) use evidence-based exercise intervention for prevention and management […]

5 Reasons Why Group Exercise Classes Are For You

Group Exercise Classes are run within our Exercise Physiology service as a social, cost effective way to move towards your health and fitness goals. Here are 5 reasons why Group Exercise Classes will be a great for you.   You’re looking for structured exercise program A program designed by an Exercise Physiologist is clinically proven and driven […]

The top 3 forms of exercise you can do to manage cholesterol, diabetes, or blood pressure

Everyone seems to know they should exercise, but it is important to understand the “why” behind exercise and how it helps specific health concerns. Here is some information on how exercise can help 3 of the most common health concerns.   Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)  Blood pressure is the internal pressure within the arteries when the […]

Exercise Outcomes: 4-ways you know you’re improving your health 

Sometimes measuring your health improvements from exercise can be hard to spot. The team at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine have listed 4 indicators that you can observe to see if your health is improving. 1. You feel stronger, more energetic and focused in daily life   Exercise can help us improve our day to […]

Muscle Soreness vs Injury: What is DOMS? 

If you’ve ever felt sore muscles after trying a new sport, returned to activity after a long absence or advanced your physio exercises (way to go by the way!), it is very likely that you have experienced some level of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. We often refer to this as DOMS. It is common for […]