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A TAC claim is an insurance claim you make if you are injured in a transport accident. If the TAC accepts your claim, they can help pay for medical and like expenses, such as physiotherapy, to help you recover from your accident injuries. 

Melbourne CBD Physio is an approved TAC Physiotherapy provider. We understand the extent that a road accident injury can affect your daily living and we’re here to help you get back on track. You can begin physiotherapy treatment for the injury immediately after your accident, but you will be required to keep all receipts for approval and TAC reimbursement. 

 You can find out how to make a claim through TAC here.

How to get physiotherapy treatment under TAC
  1. Choose a Melbourne CBD Physiotherapist.
  2. Make an appointment by giving us a call or booking online. Tell us that you are a TAC client. 
  3. Provide us with your TAC claim number in advance of your appointment.
How long can you use TAC for?

If you intend on continuing TAC treatment beyond 90 days after your transport accident, your physio will complete an Allied Health Treatment and recovery Plan to request further approval. TAC will then review your treatment to ensure it’s reasonable, clinically justified, outcome focused and in line with the TAC Clinical Framework. TAC will assess the extension request and decide what they can continue paying for and for how long.

How do you pay for treatment?

There are two ways to pay for approved treatments and services:

  1. Melbourne CBD Physio invoices TAC at the approved rate, and you pay the difference of the gap.
  2. You pay the full consultation fee, and then send TAC your visit invoice. TAC will then reimburse you the TAC rate. 

You may be able to seek reimbursement for the gap payment through private health insurance.

What does physio do for TAC clients?

A physiotherapist assesses, diagnoses, treats and works to prevent disease and disability through movement and exercise. They are experts in body movement and function, and work with people affected by injury, illness or disability to help them improve the movement and functioning of their body. They will also take control of all the necessary reporting and documentation required as a TAC client. 

You TAC case manager may contact us to check your progress and see if you are getting the support you need. This allows them to make the decisions about what treatment TAC pays for and how long they pay for it. 

Receiving different allied health treatments (e.g. physio and chiro) at the same time for the same injury is usually not recommended. If you or your physio believe this is necessary, you can contact your TAC case manager to talk about your needs and adjust your approval qualifications. 

What if my claim hasn’t been approved but I need immediate physiotherapy?

You are entitled to immediate physiotherapy after sustaining an injury as a result of a road accident. If your claim has not yet been approved, you will need to pay for your physiotherapy in full. You can then retrospectively claim this treatment once you have approval by submitting the paid invoice to your TAC case manager. They will then reimburse you the TAC rate. 

TAC Fee Schedule

TAC sets the maximum rate that they fund medical or relate health service visits. Melbourne CBD Physio charges a gap payment for TAC visits, which means there is some out of pocket expense. Please see below for the fee schedule based on the 2021/22 TAC rates, or view more information on the TAC website. 


Service Description Full Consultation Fee (before claim) TAC Item Number Maximum TAC Payment Rate  Gap Payment
Initial Consultation  $130 PY600R $75.43 $54.57
Standard Consultation $115 PY602R $57.48 $57.52

Why do we charge a gap?

Our priority is to give you exceptional physiotherapy outcomes. Charging an out of pocket gap fee allows us to give you the time of an investagitive assessment and management plan, follow up with your treatment outside of formal appointments, and align your physio journey with treatment and opinions you may be receiving from other health professionals e.g. a surgeon or GP.  

TAC requires your physio to formulate frequent reports and documentation to let them know how your treatment is travelling. If necessary, your physio will also put forth your case to TAC in order to extend physio treatement beyond the initially approved time. Charging a gap fee allows your Melbourne CBD Physio the time to provide you every bit of care we can; which other physios may not be able to provide at the reduced TAC-only fee. 

Do you have any more questions about claiming TAC with Melbourne CBD Physio? Give us a call so we can help!

TAC Physiotherapy
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