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Is this just performance equipment?

Absolutely not. Keiser strength equipment is found in leading rehabilitation environments as well as world leading sports institutes. This is because it can serve so many purposes depending on what you as the patient are trying to achieve.

How will Keiser be of assistance during my physiotherapy sessions?

Resistance training will increase capacity and tolerance of muscles, joints and connective tissue with appropriate exposure. However, a strength adaptation is known to take weeks to achieve. By using Kesier technologies in our rehabilitation setting, our physiotherapists can show increments of performance. This is because Kesier technologies enables patients to track how they are improving, rather than just relying on pain vs. no pain as the “go to” outcome measure.

Some examples of how we use Keiser:

  • Pre and post operative strength measurements 
  • Identify areas of physical inadequacy
  • Increase isolated muscle and joint capacity required for specific tasks
  • Show patients the progressions they make based on the performed intervention
  • Increase in athletic sports specific performance with the use of power technologies
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