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Group Exercise Classes – Exercise Physiology Melbourne

Group Exercise Classes are run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Steph Tucker where groups of four work within their own individual programs and goals in a supportive and motivated environment. Classes are capped at four participants to ensure a fun, social and entirely supervised class time within our premium performance and rehabilitation gym. 

Melbourne CBD Physio offers convenient class times before work, during lunch hours and evenings. You can choose to pay casually, or opt for 5 or 10-pack visit passes to make multiple visits more cost effective. All classes can be claimed through private health insurance if you have the appropriate cover for Exercise Physiology. Exercise Physiology is also a great option for those referred by their GP or via WorkSafe, TAC, Medicare or NDIS.

What to expect with Group Exercise Classes

In our Group Exercise Classes at Melbourne CBD Physio, everyone works on their own individual exercise program, so the classes are always safe, effective and evidence based. This makes Group Exercise Classes a fantastic way to work towards your health goals in a social environment.

Before joining a class, you will first have a private consultation with our Exercise Physiologist (sometimes called an ‘EP’), Steph Tucker to plan an evidence based exercise program for you.

Your program takes into account your current health and fitness levels, your goals for Exercise Physiology, the challenges you’re working with, your lifestyle and the type of movement you find most enjoyable.

Your EP uses their clinical knowledge of acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, injuries, disabilities and general health to plan your program tailored to you. 

Benefits of Group Exercise Classes with Melbourne CBD Physio

  • Customised Exercise Physiology program tailored exactly to you and your goals
  • 60 minute classes and freedom to use our entire gym space in small groups of 4 people
  • Convenient class times before work, at lunch and in the evening
  • Access to our rehabilitation app, TeamBuildr, on your smartphone for real time tracking, feedback and refresh knowledge of your program 
  • Access to a world-class gym and rehabilitation facility which hosts our VALD measuring devices, Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill, Keiser strength equipment and Technogym treadmill. 
  • Industry leading care from our highly experienced Exercise Physiologist in collaboration with our physiotherapists, myotherapists and wider healthcare team
  • Claim your private health on the spot

Class schedule


How are the classes run?

Our Group Exercise Classes at Melbourne CBD Physio are capped at 4 people, supervised entirely by one Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Throughout the 60 minutes, you’ll complete a warm up and begin your own individual program while working within a motivated group environment. 

To book in for Group Exercise Classes, you will need to have an Initial Consultation with our Exercise Physiologist so that they can examine your current physical capacity, formulate a custom program.

If our EP thinks that Group Exercise Classes are an appropriate option for you, you’ll then take that program with you to the Classes to complete in a group environment. If you’re not ready for Group Classes just yet, your EP may recommend that you attend private Follow Up sessions before progressing to the group. 

What do I bring?

Wear clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable exercising in. Be sure to bring a water bottle with you which you can fill up at our refill station. We also recommend that you bring a mask with you to wear before and after your class. All equipment to complete your program is provided. 

I’m injured but still want to do Group Exercise Classes, what should I do?

You can absolutely still participate in our Group Exercise Classes. This is why we recommend a private 1:1 consultation with your Exercise Physiologist to ensure that the program you are completing in the class is appropriate for your current level of strength and fitness.

If you sustain a new injury, your EP is highly qualified in modifying and adjusting your program to accommodate for this. If your EP thinks that you would benefit from more personal attention, they may recommend you have individual Follow Up sessions with them before doing the Group Classes. They may also recommend a visit to a physiotherapist for the diagnosis of the injury. 

How many sessions do I need to do?

How long is a piece of string?! Everyone is individual in their needs and goals of exercise. Some people may want to complete Exercise Physiology in order to rehabilitate an injury to a certain point, while others really enjoy the social aspects of attending a weekly class with their mates.

Your EP can certainly give you a recommendation on how many sessions they expect you’ll need to achieve your goals, but this timeline can often change depending on a number of factors.

Who Group Exercise Classes Are For

Weekend Warriors Exercise Physiology

Busy Bees

Group Exercise Classes are regularly on offer at convenient times before and after work, and during lunch. If you and your mates want to form your own group exercise time, have a chat with us and we’ll set one up!

Women's Health Exercise Physiology

Acute & Chronic Injuries

Exercise Physiologists are the experts in rehabilitation programs and using exercise to assist in pain management and chronic health conditions. The exercise prescribed is evidence-based and given in collaboration with other health professionals you’re involved in such as your physiotherapist, GP or surgeons.

Senior Health Exercise Physiology


Exercise Physiology is proven to assist with the prevention and management of aging health conditions such as osteoporosis, poor mobility and strength, cardiovascular health and risk of falls.

Diabetes Exercise Physiology

The Chatterbox

Helping our patients enjoy and have fun exercising is one of our biggest goals. Join a Group Exercise Class if you love to be social, have a chat, and be supported by new friends as you all work towards your programs.

Senior Health Exercise Physiology

Novice Exercisers

Starting a new exercise program can be especially daunting if you haven’t had too much experience with sports, it’s been a long time since you were consistently active or if you’re trying to manage a new injury or health condition. Exercise Physiology will give you the confidence and motivation to work towards new physical goals.

Diabetes Exercise Physiology


If you’ve been injured at work, on the road or have been referred through NDIS or Medicare, a dedicated Exercise Physiology program may be the key to your rehabilitation or managing your health condition. Chat to your Case Manager of GP about claiming Group Exercise Classes.

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