Osgood Schlatters

This common injury is seen in children/adolescents. Commonly this injury presents at 14 years old for girls, and 16 years old for boys. Children complain of pain over the front of the knee that is worse with activity, and gets better with rest.

Muscle is connected to bone via a tendon. What occurs in the case of Osgood Schlatters is that the muscle’s tendon tugs on the shin where it attaches. Due to the developmental changes in children this tendon can tug on the growth plate where it attaches. With continuous activity, and tugging on a site that is yet to fully mature, it can cause the area to become inflamed and result in pain. The pain should be palpable and occasionally with some children there is a pronounced bump.

Melbourne CBD physiotherapists can assist in the diagnosis, education, and management of Osgood Schlatters. More importantly, our physiotherapists can distinguish the difference between Osgood Schlatters and other pathology that can result in similar symptoms.