ACL Injury

ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is found deep within the knee joint. The ligament is an integral part of the knee and provides structural support by preventing the knee joint from slipping forward (anterior translation). Rupture to the ACL means that the ligament has completely snapped. ACL injuries are commonly seen in cutting activities and sports such as AFL football, soccer and downhill skiing due to the rotational and sheering force that can be placed through the knee joint.

Injuring this structure is usually quite painful initially however, pain can subside relatively quickly. However, when presenting to clinic patients often describe a sensation “that it might or does collapse”.

This injury often requires surgical intervention, with a long rehabilitative process to follow (approximately 12 – 18 months). This is to ensure the chance of re-rupture is low, and the function of the joint is fully returned due what happens neurologically and physically as part of the injury. If ACL rupture is suspected Melbourne CBD physiotherapists can provide fast accurate clinical tests to help confirm diagnosis, arrange GP referral for MRI imaging, assist in obtaining an orthopaedic opinion and provide complete guidance during the lengthy rehabilitative process be it pre or post operative management.