Achilles Injury

Achilles tendon injuries can be acute in nature or come on slowly over time. Acute achilles injury can correlate with patients reporting “it felt as if someone kicked me in the calf, and then I was unable to walk because I can’t push off”. For slow onset of pain patients often explain that they may of had a big exercise session a day or two before and then woke one morning with very localised pain. When hearing that it “warms up” with activity, that its worse in the morning and doesn’t like being stretched we would tell you that a consultation would be a good idea.

Without going into too much detail, Melbourne CBD physiotherapists can quickly diagnose achilles tendon injuries and provide patients with an optimal tendon management and rehabilitation programs. On the rare occasion when a tendon has ruptured, we will help you obtain an orthopaedic opinion. Patients should leave with reduced symptoms, an understanding of pathology, why or how it has occurred, and how they will manage the rehabilitation process to get back to play.