Online Physiotherapy

Looking for online physiotherapy services in Melbourne? Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy is here to help. By harnessing the power of the Internet, patients and clinicians can complete a consultation that requires no travel, no time lost in traffic and none of the usual expenses associated with physical consultations. From the comfort of your home or office, you can connect with our superior clinicians via your tablet, laptop or smartphone and begin the process of diagnosis and recovery.

This highly effective treatment approach allows us to complete an initial assessment of the musculoskeletal injury that you have and take steps toward creating a tailor-designed treatment plan. It is a convenient way to also manage the injury and track progress as days and weeks pass so that if any adjustments are required they can be made in real-time.

Online Physiotherapy Treatment & Services Melbourne

While many patients anticipate that physiotherapy consultations will require some degree of “hands-on” treatment, the truth is that there are plenty of ways that we can address and help you to do what is necessary to bring about a full recovery. 

Through our telehealth physiotherapy, our patients benefit from our extensive knowledge and are educated about the nature of their condition or injury, and from there can take proactive measures to address it.

Will Online Physio Work for Me?

Online physiotherapy treatment can have incredibly positive outcomes for many. Of course, if we believe that your injury requires an in-person consultation, then we will indicate this as early as possible. However, trained clinicians that have the kind of experience that the team here at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy has, understand and can treat a diverse range of conditions, injuries and diagnose the source of pain with little trouble via the Internet.

A video consultation is essentially the same as in-person consultation since all the basic elements that apply in the latter setting still apply in the digital world. Physiotherapists can instruct you to in terms of moving the affected area of the body and see exactly where limitations are, or at which point pain becomes evident. Through careful questioning, we can gather the necessary information to make a thorough diagnosis and gain a complete understanding of your presentation.

Regardless of whether we treat patients online or at our world-class clinic, we strive to ensure that our patients fully understand the treatment direction, the timeframes involved and what to expect. Each patient will undertake a journey to recover and our goal is to provide you with the specific, clear information that you need when you need it. 

We can demonstrate exercises via video, monitor your practice of these techniques and provide guidance to help you quickly make any necessary changes that will improve outcomes.

Working to Meet Your Goals and Expectations

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we work hard to meet the goals and expectations of our patients. It is important to appreciate that each injury needs time to heal and recover properly, and we will afford you every opportunity to get back to your best with little chance of experience a recurrence. 

Those who are curious about the experiences of past patients may take encouragement from the 5-star Google reviews we have amassed to date, which speak to our professionalism and ability to deliver results. To learn more about our online physiotherapy services visit our website or call 03 9670 3051.

Online Physiotherapy
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