Use Your 2022 Extras


Does your private health fund cover extras like Physiotherapy, Myotherapy or Exercise Physiology? 

Most health funds have reset for 2022. Use your renewed Physiotherapy or Myotherapy and Exercise Physiology benefits to propel you through the year.

What is my health fund annual limit?

Your health fund annual limit is the total amount you can claim back through extras benefits on services such as Physiotherapy and Myotherapy. Your annual limit depends on your fund and the level of cover you have. Check with your health fund for the exact amount you can receive each visit, and how much you have across the year. 

Why the reset? 

Most health fund extras will replenish on 1st January. Their 'use it or lose it' policy means any unclaimed extras won't roll over once the year ends, and your extras simply renew in the New Year. Find out if your health fund has been reset for 2022

How can I claim? 

Physiotherapy and Myotherapy is just as much about prevention as it is treatment. We want you to get the most out of doing the things you love - why not also make the most of your health fund? 

If you're feeling the pinch of sport, exercise and a busy lifestyle check in with a Physiotherapy, Myotherapy or Exercise Physiology appointment. Our HICAPS machine takes care of the claim on the spot.

You can claim more than just Physiotherapy, use your extras on:

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