We use Keiser not Kieser, so what’s the difference?

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What is the difference between the Keiser equipment used at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic, and Kieser, the franchise of physiotherapy practices across Australia?

What are the chances that two companies that build strength and rehabilitation equipment would settle on a name that only differs in the placement of “e” and “i”. Well, it happened when Keiser and Kieser named their companies. It’s a very confusing conversation we have with patients all the time, frequently saying “Oh, you have Kieser equipment”, which is met with a polite response from our staff “No, we have Keiser”. With a puzzled look, patients often confuse the brands as one of the same but in reality they are worlds apart. Here we explain the fundamental differences between the brands and why we use Keiser and not Kieser.

What are Keiser pneumatic machines and how are they different to traditional pin loaded strength training equipment?

Keiser (pronounced Kai-zer) is an American based company that produces a range of strength training machines designed to improve strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness. Keiser machines use a pneumatic resistance system, which means that the resistance is provided by a compressor that pumps air into cylinders attached to the resistance arm of the machine.  This allows for a smooth and consistent resistance throughout the exercise, and the user can easily adjust the resistance by simply changing the air pressure in 100g to 1kg increments.

One of the key differences between traditional pin loaded machines using iron weight and Keiser pneumatic (air) machines is the resistance curve. The resistance point of pneumatic machines is designed to be highest when the joint is at its strongest angle, which is important when translating training to function. For example, on a traditional pin loaded leg press machine, when moving the weight at a standard speed of 1 second outwards (pushing) and returning at 1 second inwards to the start position, resistance is most difficult at the start of the movement and progressively reduces the further the machine is pushed away from your body. The problem is this increases load on the hip and knee joints in a more flexed position and less resistance in a straighter position. From a rehabilitation and performance point of view, this is undesirable as it won’t translate as effectively to improving strength and power in functional movements such as walking, running and jumping where the joint angles are straighter when the foot is in contact with the ground. In contrast, Keiser pneumatic (air) machines provide lower resistance at the start of the movement and higher resistance at the joint angle where you need to be strongest. See the illustration below that depicts the differences between traditional pin loaded machines and Keiser pneumatic resistance curves at different speeds of movement.

The differences don’t stop there, as the faster you train to build power for athletic performance or rehabilitation following an injury, the bigger the differences become between traditional pin loaded machines and Keiser pneumatic resistance. Using the leg press example again, when training for speed, if you were to try and push the leg press plate as hard and fast as possible on a traditional leg press and a Keiser pneumatic leg press, the contact between the foot and the plate would never change using pneumatic resistance, whereas the traditional machine would lead to the weight plate coming out of contact, and then crash back into the foot with increased force- an unsafe movement with high risk of injury . As such, this is why Keiser pneumatic machines are better for performance and rehabilitation, trusted by professional organizations such as the US Olympic team, Manchester City FC, Manchester United FC, Liverpool FC, Golden State Warriors, Dallas Cowboys, Geelong FC and many others. 

So how is Kieser different?

Kieser (pronounced Kee-zer) is a German company that produces a range of strength training machines designed to improve muscle strength and endurance through many physiotherapy clinic franchises across Australia. Kieser machines use a pin-loaded weight stack resistance system that is based on a cam, which provides a constant resistance throughout the range of motion. This means that the resistance remains the same at every point in the exercise.

Kieser machines are primarily designed for a sedentary population of people with spinal and peripheral joint injuries resulting in pain and decreased function. As such, the use of Kieser pin loaded machines provides a constant resistance across a set period of time to increase strength and endurance of the surrounding musculature. While this can be effective at improving the symptoms in many patients, Kieser machines lack the flexibility to train athletic performance to a higher level required for return to sport and tend to target muscles in isolation only rather than the flexibility offered by Keiser pneumatic machines that can train strength, power, cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Who can use Keiser pneumatic equipment?

The beauty of Keiser machinery is that individuals of all ages, athletic levels and injury types can use Keiser pneumatic machines as the resistance can be set as low as 0.1 grams!  Because the equipment is so easily controlled and produces consistent force, you can use them to target specific areas to the intensity of your choice. 

Why choose Keiser pneumatic machines at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic?

At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic, our gym space houses the largest range of Keiser pneumatic equipment in Australia. Combined with our expert healthcare professionals and suite of strength testing equipment, the use of Keiser pneumatic machines provides an exceptional patient experience, resulting in unparalleled health outcomes. Backed by science, Keiser machines are the next generation of performance based training equipment. Be part of the future and try Keiser, not Kieser at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic. 

How to use Keiser pneumatic equipment at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic?

If you have never used Keiser pneumatic equipment, a good starting point would be to book in with a physiotherapist at the clinic.  At the appointment, let them know that you are intending to rehabilitate your injury or improve your fitness using our Keiser machines.  Following a comprehensive assessment, the physiotherapist will then be able to design a program and assist with the use of our Keiser machines. 

If you have used our Keiser equipment, or a physio has previously walked you through the machines, then a gym package may be most suitable for you.  We currently offer three types of gym packages: the Macro cycle, the Meso cycle and the Post Op package. All three packages grant unlimited access to the gym (including all Keiser equipment). To find out more, please click below.

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