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Hockey, like all sports, puts stress on your body and comes with risk of injury. Injuries can be caused by impact with other players, goals, turf-related injuries, hockey sticks and errant hockey balls, which are hard and move at high speed.

Whether you’re a professional player or you only play for fun, you’re likely going to suffer an injury at some point. Even if you don’t, a physiotherapist can help prevent the risk of injury and improve your sports performance. Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy is one of the leading physiotherapists in Melbourne, with a world-class facility and highly experienced staff.

We offer an approach that is always tailored to your specific needs as a client, as well as the sport you play. Apart from treating injuries, we also offer physiotherapy to improve hockey performance. Read More

The Benefits of Physiotherapy For Hockey Players

Physiotherapy is not only for those who have suffered serious injuries; it has many other benefits. These include:

  • We can help you find the ideal way for your body to move in order to increase your performance in any sport, hockey included
  • Knowing how to move correctly also drastically lowers the risk of injury and the unnecessary stress put on your body
  • Even if you’re receiving other medical treatment for an injury, combining it with physio is an excellent way to speed up the healing process and ensure that no lasting damage is done
  • For those who have had surgery for an injury or are about to, we can help you be prepared for surgery so you can make a fast recovery

Hockey Injuries That Physiotherapy Can Help Treat

Some of the most common injuries suffered by hockey players include:

  • Injuries to the AC joint (shoulder)
  • Strains or tears in the ACL and MCL (ligaments in your legs)
  • Broken collarbones
  • Concussions
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Muscle strains

Even if you have not yet experienced one of these, the risk is high when you perform a sport as physical as hockey. If not treated properly, these can have lasting effects on your movement and leave you with chronic pain. They can also prevent you from returning to your sport. Though prevention is always the best approach (and we can help you with that as well), it’s good to have a physiotherapist on speed dial, so that you know where to turn in case an accident happens in the future.

Choose Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy If You Have Hockey Specific Injuries

Whatever your needs are – if you need physiotherapy for a hockey injury, you want to prevent injury, or you want to become a better hockey player – Melbourne CBD Physio can help you. Our treatment is always tailored to each person’s situation. We actively listen to your concerns and create a treatment plan accordingly. We provide a clear diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Our facility has world-class equipment you can’t find anywhere else in Melbourne, and all of our staff is fully qualified and extremely knowledgeable. We also have other services that your physiotherapy can be combined with for even better results, including myotherapy and massage. Services we also offer but not limited to are:

If you play hockey or any other sport, and are searching for the “best sports physiotherapy near me“, do your body a favour and enlist the help of the best physiotherapists in Melbourne. You can book a consultation with Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy on our website. Read Less

Hockey Physiotherapy
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