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Foot injuries are incredibly common and can occur in many sporting activities. By having foot physiotherapy, you can get the right treatment for your foot, avoiding further injury or pain and preventing it from happening again in the future.

Looking For A Foot Physiotherapist In Melbourne? We Can Help

Here at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we have perfected the balance between well-trained, knowledgeable, experienced physiotherapists and the latest innovations in technology and science to improve the outcomes of all our clients, whether you are recovering from an injury, looking to become pain-free, or wanting to improve performance.

If you have suffered an ankle sprain, a fracture or break, or an overuse injury – there is no doubt you will have symptoms of discomfort. Nick Cross is a leading foot physiotherapist in Melbourne who can tell you that these types of injuries that can occur in the joint are normal. However, Nick will also tell you that considering the complexity of the joint, the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons involved can really change the way you manage each and every presentation. At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, it is never “just a rolled ankle”. Our team always fully assess your injury, explain why we are treating it in a particular way, and how you will be part of the treatment process.

When seeing a foot physio, the therapy might involve hands-on treatment, periods of immobilisation, at-home or gym based exercises. This will always be coupled with the highest knowledge and advice to help not only deal with the pain and/or stiffness but to improve range of motion, flexibility and performance.

What Can Cause Foot Pain & How Foot Physio Can Help?

Where to start. The foot needs to be stable and flexible enough to complete the tasks you like to perform. The body in general is a wonderful thing, in that can adapt to the environment by modifying the way it is moves through use. However, with this change can come possible side effects which depending on the level of the demand and the joint and tissue capacity. Having a highly credentialed and experienced physio for foot pain look at the way you move, explain your adaptive strategies, and explain why generating force might be painful is really insightful. What is even more insightful is when they also explain and plan the recovery pathway, and implement an intervention for how you will get better. It is also important to note that overall physical health can affect your feet – carrying additional or unnecessary weight, or even just ageing can cause pain and stiffness. Of course, some medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can be a problem too – however, seeing a foot physiotherapist at our clinic will help create a bespoke plan to manage the causes as well as deal with the symptoms.

Physio For Sprained Foot

Foot trauma can mean that you might need to seek a specialist for physio for a sprained foot sudden changes in direction or an impact injury can sprain a foot, or break some of the small bones that make up the structure of the foot.

There are several other issues that could be causing the foot pain you are experiencing, and if you are seeking a diagnosis and treatment, then your foot specialist at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy will be able to advise you.

The Bottom Line; How Much Will The Physio For Foot Pain Cost?

For initial consultations at our physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne, we always set aside a 30-minute consultation time to go through, in detail, the problem that you are having and how we can work towards a solution. This costs $125, and when you leave you will have a bespoke plan in place that will give you a clear picture of what your problem is, how you will be involved in the management of your foot injury, meaning what you will be required to do outside of the clinic to help. The rehabilitation or recovery process is always criteria driven. We are not a clinic that has a set number of review consultations you need. This is because everyone’s goals and ideas of recovery are different. However, whatever goal you may have we will be sure that we help you achieve it to the fullest.

Whether you need physiotherapy for your foot or a Golf Assessment, looking for physio for shoulder pain or a problem with your hamstring, we provide consultations that are covered by TAC, Workcover and other employment benefits, as well as private healthcare funds. We have the necessary Hicaps equipment on site so you can claim immediately.

Find the right foot physiotherapist in Melbourne with Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and let us help you improve.

Foot Physio Melbourne
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