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Hip physio can be highly effective at reducing pain and stiffness as well as improving performance

Hip Physiotherapy

If you are suffering from hip pain and have been told to rest, you might have been given some poor advice. This is because the old school “rest and it will get better” is not applicable nowadays when we have a much better understanding of structure, pain and how we actually get better. Therefore it is well worth considering seeking professional help, especially if you have tried this advice multiple times with little success. Hip physio can be highly effective at reducing pain and stiffness as well as improving performance for many – so you want to make sure that you are consulting with a well-trained, experienced and knowledgeable hip physiotherapist in Melbourne.

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Hip Physio; Reducing Pain & Improving Performance

Here at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy we have become known for our combination of leading scientific knowledge and education with cutting edge technology – providing a holistic and bespoke approach for pain, stiffness and performance that suits everyone. Whether you are looking to move pain-free to play with your children, recover from surgery, or take your physical and athletic performance to the next level with sports physio, finding the right physio in Melbourne will be sure to improve your outcome.

Choosing Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy as your go-to physio for hip pain should be a simple choice – and we are here to help you decide.

The Science Of Hip Pain & Hip Flexor Physio

Again, so many things can cause hip pain, and how we manage each and every case will depending on the individual. Sure you might have hip pain that has come on during activity, and yes we are with you that we want to get the symptoms under control as quickly as possible. However, the big question that needs to be considered is why did it come on in the first place? Was it an anatomical issue? Was it the capacity of the joint regarding strength, control and endurance? Or has there been a sudden structural change within the joint that needs addressing? With these questions in mind it is clear our clinicians take a holistic approach when to comes to pain management.

Pain can be caused by so many things such as strains and acute or chronic inflammatory responses, it is how we deal with that which is so important. If your pain is in the hips you will often point to the front or the back of your hip. If your pain is felt in the groin this is often more pelvic related and if doing down the leg and even into the calf (known as referred pain) – and the best way to identify the reason for the pain you are feeling is to consult a specialist physio for hip pain.

The hip itself is a ball and socket joint, where the ball is the head of the femur bone, and the socket is known as the acetabulum. The hip joint has a good range of movement, is stable and rarely dislocates. There is a tough sleeve called the capsule that holds the joint together, and synovial fluid keeps everything nourished and moving easily.

When hip pain is felt, it can be described as a reduced range of motion, swelling and inflammation, stiffness, weakness or numbness, and even spasms – but to improve your pain, reduce your stiffness and improve your performance we perform a thorough consultation and examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bespoke Plan; Improved Physio Results For Your Hip Pain

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way of dealing with pain and stiffness through hip physiotherapy – instead, your physiotherapist will assess and study your movement, learn about your lifestyle, and basically investigate all they can in order to put together a personal program designed to get you back to the best level of function possible.

Through our knowledge, experience and learning, we can assess and understand exactly what needs to happen for you to have better movement and even increased performance, without just using pain as a guide. We will set out for you a clear plan of action that details what steps we will take, what things you can do to help, and a timeframe with clear expectations, so you know at every stage what is going to happen.

Hip pain can make it really difficult for you to perform basic daily tasks like sitting and walking, let alone performing in any athletic endeavours – so choosing Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy as your preferred hip physio in Melbourne could make all the difference in your day-to-day life, whether you are a weekend warrior or an Olympian.

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