Groin Physiotherapy Melbourne

groin physiotherapy can find out the reason behind your pain and treat it in a much shorter timeframe

Groin Physiotherapy Melbourne

Sometimes it can be hard to admit to people that you’re struggling with groin pain. But at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we see this every day. Many people put off treatment of the pain, just leaving it and hoping it goes away on its own. While it might go away on its own, groin physiotherapy can find out the reason behind it and treat it in a much shorter timeframe. You might even learn a thing or two about how to stop it from happening again, and what to do if it does.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Groin Physiotherapy Works?

The aim of physiotherapy is to help get your body to function normally again and allow you to do everything you would before, free from pain. Why wouldn’t you want that? Your talented physiotherapist will create a structured programme with you to help speed up your recovery and rehabilitation processes.

In your first consultation, our physiotherapists will look at your injury and try to work out what could be causing it. We use a holistic approach to recovery, so rather than just treating the pain and affected area, we’re able to look at the bigger picture and target the source. This means that we won’t just be able to relieve the pain, but we might also be able to prevent it from returning.

Why Choose Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy For Your Groin Physio Sessions?

Our physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne is fully equipped with top of the range training equipment, including lifting platforms, free weights, and a Smith machine. We’re also one of the only sports physiotherapy clinics in Melbourne to offer access to our Keiser strength machines, AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, and NordBord hamstring testing system.

Our physiotherapists work with you to create a personalised recovery and rehabilitation programme to suit your injury. We’ll set out goals and expectations at the start of your sessions to mark your progress and track your improvement. We measure everything in regard to your treatment process, not using pain as a guide like some physiotherapists might. Our team of physiotherapists are passionate about what they do and will tailor their approach to find a solution that works for you. They’ll be there to give you advice, recommendations, and to educate you on your issues and help improve your life for the long run.

So, book online today for a face-to-face groin physio consultation, a telehealth session, or a rehab space and get back to that pain-free life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main methods of groin physio in Melbourne are:

  • Massage therapy – Massaging the body’s soft tissue encourages blood flow and promotes normal tissue repair in the affected area. This doesn’t just speed up the healing process, it also relieves pain and helps relax you.
  • Exercise and stretches – When you’re in pain, the last thing you probably want to be doing is exercising, but that’s how you make the pain stop. With the right exercises and stretches, however, you can be pain free in no time.
  • Mobilisation – This is a manual technique where your physiotherapist will move the joint and soft tissues gently to restore normal range, lubricate tissues, and relieve pain.

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