Sitting your way to sciatica: 3 tips to address this pain in the arse


Sciatic pain can be a real pain in the arse and leg for that matter, and that is because of the nerve related symptoms referring to these areas of your body. These nerve related symptoms are often referred from peoples backs, and often seen in office workers. This is because of the chronic exposure to prolonged sitting during a work day, that we often tell patients is one of the main continuing factors.

Does this mean you need to quit your office job? No, but to be straight with you, you will have to do something about it.

So if you’re asking yourself, how would physiotherapy help with my sciatica? We thought we could give a few tips and tricks to see whether your symptoms can be eased:

1. Take regular breaks during your work day, and by this we don't mean browse a different website, we mean get up out of the chair, away from the screen, and make sure it is not just for a minute or two

Did you know sitting loads place up to 250% of your total body weight on your back in a prolonged position, whereas walking places 100% and promotes movement!

2. Make sure your office set up is to work to your physical specifications

Feet should be in contact with the floor, your chair should support your entire thigh, your chair should have an arm rests and your computer screen should be about 15 degrees lower than your eye height

3. Make sure you’re strong enough to sit!

Ever been told “sit up tall”, tried, and then found yourself hunched in 10 minutes after the advice has been given? Well, maybe you’re simply not strong enough to hold the position. Every task you do be it mental or physical will require you to have a capacity for the activity, and we find some strength and conditioning exercise is just what the city and office worker need to take the pressure off the nerve.

Two strength sessions per week will allow you to make some great gains that can be used for more than just managing your sitting pains.

Sitting on the fence as to whether physiotherapy could help? Our team has consulted for hundreds of office workers with this condition and are perfectly placed to work out why things are just not settling. See why people choose Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine- excellence, experience and results.

Disclosure: If you have suffered from acute trauma, are experiencing unrelenting symptoms, numbness around your groin or uncontrolled bladder and bowel movements, a medical assessment is strongly recommended.

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