Kieser? No, this is Keiser and its worlds apart

Why Keiser is better: When you hear the words Keiser Pneumatic Technology, I’m sure you’re thinking what the hell is that? I’m here to tell you that at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine, you can get access to some of the most comfortable and effective rehabilitation equipment on the market. From office worker to recreational runner to elite athlete, Keiser resistance training is safe and easy to use, enhancing your recovery from musculoskeletal injury and providing targeted results. No matter what age, our physiotherapists design an individualised program to target your needs. We are one of the only physiotherapy practices in the Melbourne CBD region with a full range of lower limb Keiser equipment. What is Keiser? Keiser is a line of modern rehabilitation and strength training equipment that uses compressed air technology to maximise your results. No weight stacks or heavy manual loading involved, to adjust the weight it’s simply a touch of a button. Why is Keiser better for me? Whether you have sustained a soft tissue injury or suffering from wear and tear in the knee joint, Keiser can help. This technology allows you to exercise through a comfortable range of motion while reducing the stress and load on the connective tissues and joints. The targeted muscles also remain active through the whole range of motion to improve movement quality, resulting in a reduced risk of injury. Benefits of using Keiser:
  1. Can train single and double leg movements
  2. Safe and easy to use
  3. Minimises stress on connective tissues and joints
  4. Reduces risk of injury
  5. Resistance training at any speed
  6. Simple push-button controls
Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine use Keiser: At Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine, our experienced Physio’s will assess, diagnose and design an individualised program to help you recover faster. If you’d like to see and experience our physiotherapy services, please feel explore our site or inquire via for more information on how we can help you.

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