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“That shoulder stuff they gave me just didn’t work”

Adrianna Cann, APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist talks shoulders

How is that nagging shoulder progressing? There are times people present to Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine who explain that physiotherapy hasn’t worked and that they have tried strengthening protocols.

Between their first physiotherapy experience and then consulting with us, people may have had scans and possibly other forms of intervention. After no luck, they’re back at the starting point scratching their head.

From what we see in Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicinetherapy and Sports Medicine the exercise intervention just needed to be tinkered, and that slight change would have made a remarkable difference. What was the missing link? Often it is the starting point of the intervention that was incorrect, with the positioning of the shoulder blade not being corrected first.

Therefore we thought that we could share three really nice progressions (addressing the shoulder blade) that we give our patients.

Side-lying shrug


Adrianna Cann: "This can be a nice starting point. Sometimes patients can really struggle to learn the movement of a shrug, even though it sounds and looks simple. By really learning the correct pattern you can avoid many sessions trying to get it right down the track"

Standing shrug


Adrianna Cann: "You're standing and shrugging! Now, have another clinical pearl and that is to have a nice theraband loop around the shoulder. This loop provides you with a good understanding as to where your shoulder is in space, so when you're up and going you really learn the best position for optimal strength adaptations."

Standing shrug with weight


Adrianna Cann: Becoming pain-free? So let me leave you with the final pearl of this post. We teach our patients to "play physio". How we do this is by teaching patients that they should modify the weight and modify the repetitions they're doing. Then once at an appropriate level, the fun begins as we re-introduce all the other stuff they were shown and tried previously as their starting point!

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