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Bike Fit Assessment

Get the most out of you and your bike. 

If you’re a cyclist experiencing niggles, recurring injuries, don’t know where you’re going wrong, or just got a new bike – book a Bike Fit session now. Melbourne CBD physio now offer Bike Fit, a personalised, bike modification and in-depth physical assessment that will give you a bike fit that is perfect for you. 


What is Bike Fit?

If you want to increase your speed, power output, pedal stroke efficiency and reduce injury, Melbourne CBD Physio will assess the full picture of your injury history, cycling history, mobility, strength, pedal stroke, cleat position and saddle position. We’ll work to immediately correct your positioning and design an individualised plan for you to conquer your cycling goals.

Our Bike Fitting Melbourne expert, physiotherapist Nick Rees, has worked with weekend warriors, competitive road cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes and complete beginners to help improve their overall performance and comfort on the bike.

Our approach to Bike Fitting For Melbourne Cyclists

Your Bike fitting session is a 2 hour individual consultation with our expertly trained physiotherapist, Nick Rees. Your session will involve: 

  • An investigation into your injury and cycling history and goals
  • Biomechanical analysis 
  • Footwear and cleat analysis 
  • Video and gait analysis 
  • Optimising your seat and body positioning 
  • Optimising power output from the legs
  • Adjusting trunk and arm positions for economy and comfort 
  • Recommendations and strategies to work on during training and competitive rides (including warm ups, rehab exercises, technique cues and drills) 
  • A take home report outlining the findings, changes made and strategies to implement

With advanced video technology, cycling equipment, VALD Performance analysis and a fully equipped Keiser gym, we analyse and implement the crucial requirements for your health and cycling success.

What to bring to your Bike Fit

Bring your bike, cycling shoes, a water bottle and your bibs, shirt or jersey.

Cycling conditions we assess

We love cycling because it caters for every level of fitness and is a great way to improve your mental and physical health. As a repetitive movement, your technique, strength and mobility could be limiting your performance and increasing your risk of injury. We also know how frustrating it can be to experience injuries that stop us from doing the things we love.

A Melbourne CBD Physio Bike Fit Assessment can help with:

  • Setting up and adjusting to a new bike or shoes 
  • Improved comfort while riding
  • Preventing and reducing your risk of cycling injury 
  • Post operative return to the bike 
  • Tendinopathy or overuse injuries sustained from cycling 
  • Starting out on the bike as a complete beginner 
  • Postural related cycling pain in your back, neck, shoulder and arms 
  • Performance enhancement to get you closer to your goals
  • Post-natal, pelvic floor and women’s health concerns
  • Pelvic, back or hip pain
  • Foot/ankle, knee, ITB or hip flexor pain  
  • Gaining an understanding of your cycling limitations during injury 
  • Developing a training plan to improve performance
  • Training load management

    Why our Bike Fit sessions work

    Bike Fit at Melbourne CBD Physio will help you get the most out of your cycling by improving your technique, efficiency and risk of injury. 

    During your session, we do an in-depth assessment of you and your bike, provide immediate feedback and adjustment, and then work to correct and manage your positioning in line with your cycling goals. You will ride away an already changed cyclist, carrying a detailed understanding of optimal technique, positioning and ways to manage your body. 

    We will give you specific take home programming on how to adjust your technique, improve strength and mobility and protect yourself from injury. We will also offer advice on how to safely increase your cycling volume, power and speed based on your individual presentation. 

    No two Bike Fits are the same, as each cyclist’s physical condition, fitness, riding and cycling goals can be vastly different. The optimal positioning for a cyclist preparing for high level crit racing will be significantly different than the perfect position for a casual cyclist who wants to climb better in the Dandenongs. Finding the optimal Fit for you is part of our process at Melbourne CBD Physio.

    We have a strong referral network of massage therapists, cycling coaches, bike technicians, bike accessories and medical specialists if you want to continue facilitating better cycling performance. Our fully equipped rehabilitation and gym space is also a fantastic place to stay in contact with your Bike Fit physiotherapist and keep on track with your cycling program. Read More

    Physio Bike Fit for Increased Cycling Performance

    Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy offers physiotherapy and physiotherapy, massage and myotherapy services, as well as assessments for people who play a wide variety of different sports, allowing them to reduce the risk of injury and maximise their performance. This includes cyclists. We provide professional bike fitting in Melbourne for both hobby cyclists and professionals. Whether you ride a mountain bike, road bike or a racing bike, we can modify your bike so that it’s a perfect fit for your body and your cycling goals. All bodies are not the same so our bikes shouldn’t be the same either. Our facility has the newest world-class equipment and the staff consists of a team of experienced physiotherapists who are fully qualified to assess your cycling.

    Benefits of Bike Fit Assessments

    • Improved performance and faster cycling
    • Reduced risk of injury
    • Reduction of pains and niggles
    • More comfortable cycling experience

    Do you need a bike assessment?

    If you cycle, a professional bike assessment will find ways for you to improve your riding experience, improving comfort and reducing the risk of injury. Some of the reasons why you might be in particular need of an assessment include:

    • Cycling feels uncomfortable for you
    • You have just purchased a new bike or new cycling shoes
    • You haven’t cycled in a while and you want to return to it
    • You experience frequent injuries
    • You’re starting out cycling as a complete beginner
    • You want to increase your performance and become faster
    • A previous injury has left you with some limitations you want to work through
    • As a woman, you have some post-natal or pelvic floor health concerns
    • While cycling, you experience pain in common cycling pain points like the back, hips, pelvis, feet, ankles and knees.

    What Happens During an Assessment

    When you show up for your bike fitting assessment, there are a few things you should bring with you: your bike, cycling shoes and bibs, and a water bottle. The session is 90 minutes long and our residential bike fitting expert and physiotherapist will explain everything. During the assessment, we look at:

    • Your injury and cycling history
    • Your cycling goals
    • Biomechanics
    • Footwear
    • Your gait
    • Your bike

    These factors are all analysed, and the results are taken into account when we modify your bike and provide you with a report and a training strategy you should work on in your own time. All of this helps increase speed, power output and pedal stroke efficiency, as well as reduce the risk of injury and pain.

    Why choose Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy For Your Bike Fit Assessment?

    At Bike fitting Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy, we have one of the leading physio facilities in Australia. We provide a tailored, personalised service that we base on your goals and needs. We listen to your goals and what you want out of your treatment or assessment and adjust accordingly. We have an expertly trained bike fit physio that performs all bike fit assessments with the help of the most advanced and up-to-date technology. If you want to continue improving your performance after your assessment, we have a large network of myotherapists, cycling coaches, bike technicians and medical professionals that we can refer you to.

    Additionally, you can stay in touch with your bike physiotherapist by using our fully equipped gym space. Bike fit assessments can be booked on our website by clicking Book Online. Do it today, and you’ll leave your session feeling totally energised and ready to get out there on the open road.

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    For more information, contact Melbourne CBD Physio or book a Bike Fit online today.

    Bike Fit Assessment
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