Shin splints or shin pain when running?

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (sometimes referred to as shin splints) is an overuse injury of thelower leg, that is usually associated with an increase in running or jumping loads. When the body isnot accustomed to load, the repetitive stress of jumping and running can cause inflammation andmicrotrauma to the tibial bone, periosteum (the connective tissue […]

Olympic Dreaming: The Untold Story Behind a Track Sprinter’s Return to Racing

In the high-stakes world of track and field, specifically track sprinting, where every millisecond can be the difference between obscurity and fame, the story of track sprinting sensation Danielle Shaw is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the transformative power of a multidisciplinary approach to athlete development. This track sprinting narrative begins in 2019, a […]

We use Keiser not Kieser, so what’s the difference?

What is the difference between the Keiser equipment used at Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic, and Kieser, the franchise of physiotherapy practices across Australia? What are the chances that two companies that build strength and rehabilitation equipment would settle on a name that only differs in the placement of “e” and “i”. Well, […]

How does a Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician differ to a General Practitioner?

Sports Physician or GP: Who Should Treat You Making informed decisions about the right health professional to manage and treat your condition can be a challenging task Sports & Exercise Medicine Skill Set Sport & Exercise Medicine Physicians (SEMPs) use their advanced skills and training to provide an accurate diagnosis of musculoskeletal and sporting conditions. […]

What is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician?

multiethnic soccer players playing soccer on pitch together

Sports and Exercise Medicine Physicians (SEMP), also known as sports doctors, are highly trained medical doctors who specialise in  treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Having undergone rigorous specialty training, sport doctors possess an exceptional level of advanced knowledge that leads to accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment of sports-related injuries or pain.  How do you become a […]